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Telepathy in Real Life 1

Telepathic communication is surrounded by mystery. It seems to be happening to many of us, yet nobody really knows what it is and when and if at all it is going to happen again.

I have decided to write about this topic because I want to bring some clarification to the subject of telepathy and help people who had telepathic experiences to grasp better what is going on.

I am a lover of facts and prefer a scientific approach. It is not my goal to portray telepathic communication as something sensational or mystical or to add any weird speculations to this subject. In reverse, by using my ability to describe things clearly, I want to bring about more understanding of this phenomenon.

Now before we continue further, let's take a look at the dictionary definition of telepathy, so that it is clear what I am addressing.

Telepathy: a way of communicating thoughts directly from one person's mind to another person's mind without using words or signals - Merriam-Webster's Dictionary.

Please note that clairvoyance in the sense of predicting future events does not belong to the scope of telepathy.

Now just by looking at the definition we can see that telepathic communication is the transmission of a thought, which happens in a similar way to talking or writing. Only it is more direct.

When we tell an idea to somebody else, we use words which are symbols or substitutes for the thoughts as such. For example, when we say the word "table", everybody knows that it is a piece of furniture with a flat top and one or more legs, providing a level surface for eating, writing or working, etc. The person who hears the word "table" gets the idea or picture of a table into his mind.

If we analyze the details of verbal communication, we find complexity. The person who says "table" first needs to translate his idea of the table into the sound of the word. This sound travels through the air to the second person who is again required to transform the word's sound back into an idea or picture of a table in his or her mind. So it goes: idea into sound and then sound back into the idea. And even this description is simplified. We can now elaborate how the thought goes from the mind through nerves into the voice cords and how the word itself is several different sound waves that touch the inner organs of the person's ear, etc.

Telepathic communication is simpler than talking. One person has a thought, and it appears in the mind of the second person at the very same moment that the first person starts to think it.

Sometimes two friends or relatives are working on something and have some useful or exciting idea at the same time. They can even have an argument about who was the actual author of it. In such a case it is often impossible to assign the authorship because the idea appears instantly in both minds and they are not able to differentiate whether they have created it or merely received it at the same instant as the other person thought it up and considered it as their own.

Now, I believe that the above example of telepathic communication has happened to almost everybody. Mothers often know what their child is up to without even looking at him or her. Also, lovers have occurrences when they think about each other at the very same period, although they are physically far apart and could not speak to each other. They might tend to consider this as a proof of profound love or destiny wanting them to be together.

We can see that telepathic communication is not as extraordinary as it looks. It happens quite often. And it is a very interesting topic to find out more about.