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How Do I Make My Dreams Come True

Why do some people achieve their dreams and other don't? Well there are a few ingredients to help your dreams come true. A bit like making a cake leave out the eggs and your cake won't be a cake, well not a very edible one. The same with achieving dreams put the right things in the mix for a good result. These are the things that have helped me:

Belief - you have to really believe, without a doubt that your dream is possible for you to achieve. The more you dwell on it the more you bring it into focus and into your life.

Plan - you have to make a plan of how it can be achieved. For example if it takes money, how will you raise the money; if it takes time, how will you fit it into your life. There are only 24 hours in anyone's day, something may have to be dropped to give you the time needed.

When - is it the right time for it to come to fruition; this year, next year, in 5 years time? You may have current commitments now but that doesn't stop you making a start. You need time for the dream to grow from an idea to your desired outcome. From little acorns, oak trees grow!

Desire - you must develop a burning desire or passion to achieve your dream, to grow it from a fleeting wish to a dream come true.

Action - then of course take action, or it will remain a wish that will wither and die, leaving you with regrets Nothing changes until you change and take action.

It is possible to make dreams come true, it does take effort, consistent effort, but if you build your desire and belief sufficiently it won't feel like effort as "whatever it takes" is bringing you nearer to your dream. As the desire and excitement grows it becomes an unstoppable force, so be sure before you begin your dream is really what you want. When your desire is strong it keeps you on track when you stumble.

A number of years ago I met a young girl, whose life revolved around a wheel chair. It hadn't always been like that she used to be fit and healthy, but one day she awoke with no feeling or use in her legs and lower body. Overnight she had become a paraplegic. Despite medical intervention nothing could be done to help her.

Everyday for years she stood for a while in a wooden frame with the help of carers, she was determined she would walk again and has never stopped believing.

The last I heard she had raised enough money for stem cell treatment, and went abroad for treatment. The good news is feeling has begun again in her legs. She had belief and a strong desire, visualised the end result, without knowing the exact development in medical research; she didn't give up however impossible it felt for years. You can achieve your dreams too! Are you determined enough?

Now in comparison my dreams: to start an online business, work at home and winter in the sun, sound quite tame but I'm doing all those things and loving every minute. Whatever your dreams, they are your dreams and just as important to you.

What are your dreams? Do you have enough courage and belief to achieve them? Is your desire burning hot, do you think about your dreams every day and visualize the end result.

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