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FOCUS: Avoid Attention Vampires Through Practicing Mindfulness

How do we take full command of our goals & finish what is most important before someone else dictates where our attention must go? We keep what is important in front of us. Reviewing what is most important in our lives on a regular cycle without referencing notes forces us to solidify our mission in our minds. More than 2 years ago I wrote a single blog entry describing how I think we can best focus our behaviors so that our lifestyle aligns better with our mission. Since then I have been constantly bombarded by an ever-increasing tidal wave of media, alerts, phone calls, advertisements and online updates. The only difference is that I can FOCUS MY ATTENTION much better now, more than 2 years later, because of one simple habit. JOURNALING.

The journaling process is simple. The habit is critical. Journaling 1st thing in the morning and immediately before bed will help you realize when something or someone is holding your attention hostage. The process I use includes daily use of the five minute journal and spending 1 hour every Sunday writing down all the things that I am grateful for. During this time I also seriously evaluate my relationships and review my important projects. I was lucky enough to receive the five minute journal as a gift from a great friend of mine. He cared enough to encourage me to build the habit. Building the habit focused my attention and it will help you. We are all slaves to our habits. Consciously building this one helps make you the master of your path. Once you really build the habit you've effectively reclaimed your attention from all the "Vampires." Now you can put more focus, energy and love into taking action towards what matters most in your life!

Here is a brief summary of the process one more time to close things up so I can catch my flight home.

1) Gratitude: Every morning you wake up and write down 3 major things you are grateful for. It can be your wife, kids or even something as simple as good coffee.

2) Goals: Next, you write 3 things that will make today great. This emotionalizes your desired outcomes and prepares your brain to recognize opportunities that you might miss when you are distracted by "other things."

3) Affirmations: There is also space available for daily affirmations in the journal. An example that I might use is " I am centered, confident and charismatic... "

Again, the journaling process is simple but the HABIT is critical. Make sure what you write really resonates with you as a human. We are human. We are not robots; this is not just simple input and output. Really give emotional meaning to this! We can all better assign profound meaning to our daily actions by using a journal. When we assign meaning to our goals they become intentional. When we act intentionally we don't need reminders and we stay present in the moment & focused. Give this a try and your life will likely improve...