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How to Replenish Your Creative Reservoir

As a creative, conscious person, it is so important to do activities that feed your mind and spirit. So take into account your creative nature, inclinations, and mood to do something special!

1. Treat Your Mind and Spirit

It is imperative to set aside an hour or more every week to treat your creative mind and spirit with rousing sights and sounds. You may want to sit in silence and engage in bird-watching; read a book, sew, cook, cultivate your garden, or try a combination of the above. The secret of growing is continuing to explore. So take advantage of opportunities that make you forget about your regular practice for a while in order to be able to return to your creative routine with a fresh outlook. Don't be affected by what others may think. Relax and enjoy the ride!

2. Experience with Mindfulness

Just make sure that you do these activities with mindfulness; this is how you can enjoy and fully absorb an experience. So take your time to see, listen, smell, and touch, for an experience worth remembering and building on; an experience which will be stored in your creative reservoir and retrieved when time is opportune, you may also use journaling to support this process. The time spent on vitalizing activities is precious, so they can be considered as an essential part of your creative practice.

3. Seek Freedom to Develop Your Creativity

Sometimes, you get carried away and want to do many things simply because you feel you ought to; and you want to get them done quickly; but this attitude can be disastrous for your creativity. So take a step back and consider: Are all the tasks I am doing vital to the prosperity of my family and business? Sometimes, you need to abandon ineffectual tasks. By doing this and streamlining your working methods, you find more freedom to pursue activities that really help you develop.

4. Avoid Distractions

What may also be preventing you from finding the time to replenish your creative reservoir are commonplace distractions, such as zapping between T.V. channels and reading gossip pages in electronic and printed media. If this is the case, you need to ask yourself: Do I really need to spend time doing these? You may find these distractions comfortable, as you are just consuming content without any important mental processing. However, they do not benefit you in any substantial way. Instead, you could be doing something more fulfilling.

So if you have not already committed to regular activities that feed your mind and spirit, start this week. Then, consider the difference this has made in your creative practice.