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The Great Illusion of Death

What lies beyond the big blue sky? This is probably the greatest mystery of mankind; and maybe the most controversial. What is this biggest mystery all about; what lies behind that veil we have been told we see through darkly? There are many interpretations of death. There are also many religions with different bibles. Perhaps the one thing that remains uncontested is that we are born, we live and our physical body dies at some point in time.

Imagine if you were the Creator, God, watching all of these interpretations and so much fear generated around a very natural process. How might God describe this to us? Could the following be an analogy we can understand?

Imagine that you have an idea, one that you really love and believe in. You may tell others about it and put so much of your creative energy into the idea that they can actually see it in their minds. It becomes real to them because it exists so vividly in your mind, the creator of the idea. Maybe you even create a prototype that everyone can see. Some will love it, not as much as you, but they will love it. Others may disregard it or even hate it, but it's all OK because you love it and believe in it. It is vibrant and alive in your consciousness and you always see the very best this idea can become.

Along the way others may misunderstand your idea, even mistreat it or say or do things that are destructive to it. Still, it is perfect in your consciousness because you hold the idea of all that it is capable of; your love is unceasing. It exists in perfection because it is real to you, a part of you. Maybe the idea grows older or has been expanded and you realize that it's time has passed. You lovingly decide to put it away from the eyes of all others and cherish it alone. To those who were onlookers, it may appear that it has gone away, maybe forever. But to the creator, it remains fresh and perfect, always; you know exactly where it is and that it is safe and beloved.

Our first breath is the God force entering our body, giving us life. That breath and that part of God remains with us to the end when we expel our final breath. Then what? At the higher level of consciousness we have entered we recognize that we were never separated from God, that his presence was never separate from ours. It is this recognition that allows us to understand the process of rejoining the consciousness of our Creator. It is a consciousness that exists in the highest form of love; not a human love, not one we can recreate or ever say we have known. It is far beyond what humans are capable of understanding... until we wake up in the process of death. We instantly recognize the loving energy and even the touch of the Master's hand; so beloved it is!

It is thrilling to be whole and together again. It is as though God has cut a tie that bound us to earth's energy and inhaled deeply allowing us to rejoin his consciousness entirely. Are we gone forever and ever? We never leave His consciousness and so there is no death as we know it. We remain there as real as the first day, as vibrant and as cherished; there to be recalled to meet another loved one or for whatever else He deems is loving and helpful. Do we remember those we loved, even then? We remember always because they too exist within His consciousness; it is why we are all one.

The great illusion and mystery may not be death; it may be life, because most imagine they are separated from their Creator, which is impossible.