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Stay Focused And On Purpose

The best way to survive and thrive is to stay focused, and disciplined. With that simple sentence, I begin this article. When we lose focus or "space out" or whatever, nothing genuinely works. We need focus. Focus is the key to control, all sorts of genuine power, and seizing a great destiny.

When I think about and act rationally on the subject of focus, the last sentence in that last section comes to mind, especially seizing a great destiny. I mean, really think about that fact for a moment. Reality comes down to those who think and act right, and those who do not. But, the key to it all is genuine, powerful, pinpointing focus. Sure, discipline is important, but focus is the key to discipline, like a magnifying glass full of the rays of the sun shining through it and making a fire without a match.

Without focus, you can light a room, but not have enough focused light to light a fire. This is a metaphor, of course, that says reality starts with a focused purpose, and after that purpose is focused, it must be seen through to its fulfillment, I will not say end. Because life and existence are endless realities controlled by focused purpose and fulfillment. But, the essence of what I am writing is that life is nothing without focused, disciplined purposes, and control of yourself and your reality. This can be used positively or negatively, of course. It could be used by the alcoholic to get the next drink at any cost, or the drug addict to get the next high at any cost, or it could be used to achieve greatness. It is all our choice. It all comes down to a focused purpose and discipline. Also, I would just like to say here that when it comes to the good, positive and great goals: Genuine quitting time is for losers, for if there is a problem there is ultimately an answer to it. Everything has an ultimate solution that can be found and solved. In fact a goal is something that needs to be achieved as a solution to something that needs to be fulfilled. In essence, a goal is a "problem that needs to be solved", otherwise it would not need to be achieved.

So, think about this final fact, we really do have all the achievement power we decide to have as long as we know that if there is a problem or a goal, there is a solution or an achievement.