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Self-Worth - Love Like Never Before!

Self-worth in my opinion has been one of the most displaced and misplaced words. I have discovered that most people don't know what it really means. For example, if you love yourself too much people perhaps call you "arrogant", but have no idea what it took for you to love yourself. Self-worth is the unique voice from your inner spirit telling you that you are enough on this journey.

Self-worth is courage to follow your dreams, follow your heart, and systematically understand that obstacles, setbacks, and disappointments cannot stop you unless you allow it. Self-worth is knowing you have the human right and ability to rid yourself of things that cause you hurt, harm and danger.

Self-worth speaks to you and tells the truth and gives you fuel for experiencing love, peace and harmony. Self-worth gives you focus and commitment.

Work on building self-worth by reading positive messages, surround yourself with positive people and speak positive into your own spirit!

You are worth it! And you are enough! See, in the darkest hour self-worth will graciously offer hope and light. In the brighter moment self-worth will celebrate the brightest. In the moment of confusion self-worth will speak logical.

Your message of self-worth is your responsibility to keep safe and secure. Your self-worth cannot be guaranteed from others. Your message of self-worth can't be validated by the voices of others. You cannot clone self-worth! You cannot look into the lives of others and experience or expect to find your self-worth. I recall correctly the moment I discovered my self-worth. I discovered my self-worth after the death of my father at 8 years old. I recognized that most little girls, defined themselves early by what messages a father spoke into existence. After, the death of my father the messages became silent. And if they were spoken were they going to be spoken out of love or control. So, I purposefully began to search what made me different. I quickly realized that I have a great ability to stand up for myself! I profoundly, understood that I would need to read, speak, and believe the positive. As the years, would go by my definition of self-worth would change slightly for the betterment, but the fundamental purpose of my self-worth would stay securely and safely stored away in my inner spirit! I am a firm believer in that experiences will build character, but your self-worth builds your message of love.!&id=9335349