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I Am Still Not Enough

How you suppress your own mind and abandon your inner voice.

All things start with actions you take and all your actions are being generated by your values and beliefs. One of the most common fallacies that people get into, is the belief that they are not enough. Even worst, when you start acquiring knowledge about a particular area you want to improve upon, you are still carrying the mindset "I am still not enough".

You are not enough to:

- Have successful relationships with people you choose to.
- Express your own thoughts to others without any fear.
- Stray off the beaten path and try something different.
- Be happy with your life and acknowledge the things you have accomplished.

And the list goes on... feel free to write your own. You have just read some of the fears and limitations I had planted in my mind several years ago.

In one way or another the thought "I am not enough" is being generated by you and transferred into your body. Day by day it creates tension thus affecting you everyday life. It affects your physical and emotional health and in extent your capacity to give love and enjoy time alone and with others. It is your choice whether you want to suppress till the end of your time or confront it.So what to do about it? Note that the following are projections of my truth not everyone's truth.

"I must learn more to be complete"

The truth is that it never ends. When you learn something new, you will crave the next thing, when you get familiar yourself with the next thing, then you will anticipate the following step. One of the main reasons, human beings have to come that far is the feeling of incompletion. The paradox lies within the individual who realizes that he/she is already full, but at the same time there are many hidden places, which remains to be discovered. On the other hand, feeling you are not enough can give you motivation to start, but from that point on you need to discard it. Give yourself permission to take action for the matters you feel you are not ready yet, stop enhancing procrastination in your everyday life. Learning more requires practice, not rationalization of emotions. Don't underestimate yourself, just do it.

"Hearing Yourself"

In an over stimulated environment in which most of us live, listening to yourself is extremely difficult. From the moment you are awake until the moment you go to bed, you place yourself in situations that are keeping you busy. You are probably watching TV, maybe spend hours on the internet looking for what other people are doing or doing drugs in order to get even more stimulated. If your purpose is to enjoy these kind of habits, that's great, you should honor your goals. But if deep inside you feel that you don't actually have any kind of control in your life, then it's essential to start listening to yourself, by dedicating some time in your everyday routine, when you can have absolute silence, then you can hear yourself. With the phrase "hear yourself" I am not referring to the constant voice that you hear in your head, that keeps telling you "you are not enough". Quite the contrary, I am talking about the voice you hear when you "go with the flow", the voice that comes with a feeling of softness. This voice is not judgmental, not violent, and not suspicious about others.When you are constantly stimulated by outer influences, you reach a point when you become alienated with your deeper self, hence that voice. The awesome thing is that this voice is just waiting for you to discover it and bring it up to the surface. All you have to do is practice. Some people are guided by this voice, other find it in the way of pure silence or various forms of meditation.