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Struggling to Be Inspired? Here Are Some Tips!

It can be very challenging if you are pursuing a goal or vision and at some point of your journey your inspiration runs dry. This has happened so many times for me but it is about learning each time, the various methods that work to get that inspiration back. Here are the few that work for me so could possibly work for you too:

Changing your surrounding to what you love - I am a lover of nature so to be surrounded by trees and the river is a medication for my inspiration. Spend some time in your chosen place letting your mind wander. You will find that suddenly your inspiration is heightened, your stress reduced and your negative emotions will subside.

Meditation - There are so many ways to do this and exploring it can be fun too. The popular types of meditation used by many are by using music, guidance tapes, scriptures and yoga. This helps us free our mind from all pressures and worries of reality, allowing you to dig deep into your creativity.

Read a book - Reading something that you are passionate about can expand your knowledge and help you see different perspectives. When learning you tend to question all knowledge further and become hungry for more information. This triggers your inspiration and you will be amazed by how much too.

Networking - Research on different companies, mentors and individuals who are living their passions as you wish to. By learning from them and exchanging knowledge as well as experience can give you wisdom and can inspire you to continue on your journey.

Self-Development - Developing yourself meaning gaining wisdom, looking at your past for lessons to use in the future and growing as a person can really boost your inspiration. The more we learn to love ourselves and be confident, our lives can change drastically as you are more likely to face your fears to reach your dreams and always seek ways to keep moving forward. When you are able to analyse your past and see your strength then your inspiration will come too.

Conventions, Talks, Sermons and Lectures - These are brilliant and a quick fix to inspiration. You learn new knowledge, challenge acquired knowledge and leave feeling like you are ready to share that knowledge to the world. Do not be surprised if you suddenly tell everyone you know about it.

Share your skills - Sharing your skills and experience shows you that all you have acquired and developed so far are so valuable. Seeing value for all you have done so far will inspire you to keep going further and to become knowledgeable.

Have getaways - We need a moment to just shut ourselves from the world and reboot. The society we live in can be very demanding as well as trying to pursue our goals and visions in our spare time. Having a time out where there are no accesses to social media, work emails and from everyday life can benefit our inner beings so much. You will feel brand new and refreshed ready to continue on your journey inspired.

Living a life serving others and acting kind to those around you including strangers- When we live to serve, make a difference and showing love to anyone we see (whether familiar or not) you will see your perspective on life change. You become empathetic, compassionate and even more loving. You will feel affected by those suffering and those faced with injustice. You will see yourself changing - This also means your inspiration will get a big kick too!

Finding new activities and events - Volunteering and being active in the community of what you are passionate about will definitely strengthen your inspiration. You will learn new perspectives and see your skills develop too.

So the next time you feel dry, low or needing new ideas to maintain your inspiration then try these methods and you will not feel disappointed.

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