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Put One Foot In Front Of the Other

Sometimes in life, all you can do is to - Put One Foot In Front Of the Other-

When you embark on a new journey, you might have low energy or even think that you don't have any energy to reach your destination, but you do.

The best advice and perspective that I can give you about Life is to "Put One Foot In Front Of The Other" in Faith. Life in itself is a journey filled with a multitude of moments which become memories that we embark on from birth until the day we die. Cherish every moment.

I went on a 6 mile walk the other day and besides my excitement and enthusiasm, I felt tired after a couple of miles and regretted not driving. I gathered my thoughts and focused on my destination which was literally a magical place; there were also beautiful trees and true gifts of nature along the way that I knew I would enjoy, however, I realized that it was still far away.

My mind chatter kept "screaming out loud" that I could not go on any further, my body started failing me, my feet were on fire and I felt like I was going to faint of fatigue. I wanted to turn back and just drive instead.

I summoned all the courage that I had and with the vision of my destination in mind, I kept going. I decided that the best strategy for me was to just focus on the next stop light and [put one foot after the other.]

I rested when I needed to, drank some water when I felt thirsty, but didn't give up. I thought about calling a cab or jumping on the next bus but I was determined to reach my destination come hell or high water. So I kept going just putting one foot after the other.

When I finally arrived at my destination, I was exhausted and proud that I made it safely.

I rewarded myself with a strawberry kale smoothie and some cold water then I just sat there contemplating the beauty around me. What seemed like an impossible journey for me after a couple of miles, was achievable and I did it. Along the way, there was an internal battle going on, I "fought" with each negative story that my mind presented to me and just put one foot after the other. 
I rested when I felt like I couldn't go on then I got back up and kept going. When I arrived to my destination, my body was intact and whole; all the pain that I felt along the way was mostly internal. My mind didn't win.

I used the same strategy to return home. Somehow it felt easier to walk back home because I had a working strategy and knew exactly what to expect and what to do: I visualized my destination, saw myself relaxing at home sipping on a cold glass of water so I ignored my mind chatter, encouraged myself and most importantly put one foot after the other until ingot to my destination.

You can apply this to many life scenarios and achieve success because the principle is universal, only the circumstances are different.

To your Success,