Manifestation miracle

Make It Here and You Make It Anywhere

To accomplish success when you have been dealt only hardships strengthens the resolve of anyone. The statement iron sharpens iron speaks of building character and conviction. To teach you have to be taught. You have to complete the lesson to learn something from the lesson. The idea is to complete what you start. The measure of your success can be gauged by your accomplishments. Your effort drive consistency and willingness to transform define your accomplishments. Your destination is ruled by your determination and tenacity. Most of the time we get in our own way and it is always by choice. When your perception changes your outlook and how you view your circumstances also change. The ability to view your circumstances from different perspectives speaks of the ability and willingness to transform. No matter what you are going through there is an answer to the problem. Your future is greater than your past. Never feel defeated or discouraged. Adversity is just a bump in the road and bumps can be rolled over. Despite the odds you will make it through if you allow your faith to do its part. Faith is a very strong ally and should never be taken for granted. Faith will work for you if you allow it to. In order to reach a destination you need a planned route and the ability to adapt to the circumstances and situations that you will encounter on your journey, good or bad. Nothing is by chance there is order in everything even in calamity.

A made up mind speaks of the substance that believing in your self offers. Acknowledging who and what you are offers freedom. A made up mind speaks of conviction. Conviction is belief held on to firmly. To believe is an acknowledgement of your faith. To believe gains you unmerited grace. Grace is a gift to us it is not a given. The doors that open for just believing and having faith open wide. Our DNA was developed through awesomeness. It will never be imitated replicated or cloned. The uniqueness of you was meant for you and only you. It separates you from everyone. Take advantage of your uniqueness it is your destiny. Anything that you are going through adds to your testimony. When you maximize your strengths and minimize your weaknesses you have the recipe to success. We are closer than we think we just need to hold on. Transformation is the ability to not only adapt but to also overcome. It is to rise up. It is turning old into new. What was is no longer. What you are is still under development. Your direction should be one way upward. The more you strive for greatness the greater you become.

The storms will come and some days they will make you feel as if they are never going away. The storms are just an opportunity to accentuate your testimony. Anything you are going through can be overcome. There are countless records that attest to that. Those records offer evidence of never giving up or giving in. Those records offer proof of faith that cannot be measured. Those records also indicate the strength of loving your self. If you are good enough to love your self you are good enough to have success. The greatness of you is very close to you. Just reach out and grab it. From dust kingdoms were made. We are more than dust. God made you so who can stop you. God is with you so who can stand in your way. Never allow obstacles and set backs determine what you can accomplish and you will always reach your goals.