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A Law of Attraction Affirmation for When You Are Overwhelmed or Afraid

What do you do when all you can think of is the problem you need to solve? What do you do when the wheel of your worry seems to be powered by a rabid gerbil of fear? There he goes, running along, churning out more unease and feelings of helplessness. It is time to take back your power and change the direction of the flow.

Sounds great. Now how do you do that?

First, honor how you really feel. Pretending you are not scared does not work. Your body knows and there is no fooling it. You have to work through the fear and anxiety in order to clear it all away.

Admit that you are afraid or worried. Once you do that, understand that feeling something and being it are two different things. In other words, just because you are afraid does not mean that the situation is hopeless or that you cannot be empowered by your feelings.

You always, always have a choice in how you will respond to any situation. That is your super-power and it never goes away. No matter how bad things seem (and that is always a matter of perspective), you have the power to decide what meaning it does or does not have to you. You cannot choose how others feel or act, but you can control what plays in your own head.

Next, read these words aloud. (Or write your own version of an affirmation, whatever helps.) This can allow you to let go of the feeling of need so that you can change your focus to one of gratitude and expectation for a solution. This raises your vibration and can make you feel better too.

"I release my attachment to the outcome. I release my expectations. I release my suffering and allow myself to let go, falling into the arms of the greater truth. I trust the path, even when I am in pain or afraid.

I choose to trust when I am broken and when I am well. I choose to trust when it seems I will not have enough, as much as I do when my cup overflows. I chose in this moment, to focus on gratitude and remember all of the times when things could have gone wrong, but somehow went right instead.

This small situation is but a microcosm of time, space and perspective that will pass. The birds still sing. The fruit still hangs on the vine and the world still turns. Daylight chases shadow and the cosmos continues to expand.

No matter what happens, for me, this is but another lesson. I accept the lesson with a grateful heart and move on, secure in the knowledge that this is but an illusion that will one day fade. When that moment comes, when this mirage is over, I will understand every purpose, every pain and every reason that eludes me now. And so, I let go, trusting that all is and ever will be, well."

Now breathe and put your hand over the area above your heart. Then imagine the happiest memory that you have. No matter what it is, think of something joyful. You can also imagine how you will feel once you have the solution. Hold that thought, those feelings for at least thirty seconds. Really feel it. Rinse and repeat as needed.