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Why We Need KINDER Leaders

If there has been an important theme or message, to learn from this current election cycle, it is, there is far too much vitriol. hatred, prejudice, and empty rhetoric, in today's elections and campaigns, and not enough genuine caring and empathy! How can anyone ever hope to become a relevant, respected, listened to, and meaningful, effective leader, unless there is a shared - feeling of respect, true positive feelings, a positive, can - do attitude, and far more kindness? While there are many assets needed to lead effectively, what good are they, until and unless, stakeholders and constituents are willing to listen carefully and objectively, and that will only occur when they believe their leader is truly empathetic? Today, perhaps more than ever, we need KINDER leaders!

1. Knowledge; keep peace; know right from wrong: An uninformed leader is generally the most dangerous type! He proceeds without realizing (or caring) what the possible ramifications of his actions and rhetoric may be. One must acquire relevant knowledge, and use it properly, so he may proceed wisely. Much of the leadership process is attempting to unify those with differences, and to keep the proverbial, peace, so there can be a meeting of the minds, for the common good, and the best interests of the organization. To do this, there must be a high, moral fiber, so as to understand and know right from wrong, and proceed accordingly, on a consistent, regular basis!

2. Integrity; ideology; ideas: Those in leadership must understand that empty rhetoric and promises, will soon fade away, and that a necessity of leading effectively, is maintain absolute integrity. While one should remain open to alternatives, etc, he must maintain the standards of his ideology. The best leader is the one who has a vital, vibrant vision, and persists forward, introducing and implementing ideas, which will benefit the group.

3. Niceties; needs: Remember that, for most people, their favorite sound, is the sound of their own voice, and hearing their name mentioned, and being thanked! Why can't we disagree on approaches and philosophies, while maintaining a commitment to being nice, respectful, and polite? One is only leading, when he priorities the needs and concerns of those he serves!

4. Dreams; delve deeply; deliver: Why would one want to be a leader, if he lacked a dream or a vision? One's dreams motivate both ourselves, as well as others, if we articulate them properly, Put a plan into shape, and a timeline, and a dream transforms to a goal! Delve deeply into the possibilities and alternatives, ponder the best course, and them proceed, in a timely way, so as to deliver on your promises!

5. Empathy; endear; enrich: Leading should not be about serving one's personal needs or agenda, but rather the needs, priorities and concerns, of those you serve. When a leader listens effectively, seeing things through the eyes and perspectives of others, he becomes capable of genuine, enriching empathy. Doing so, will endear him with many others, because he is doing something positive, to enrich the group, and the experience of his constituents.

6. Relevant; reliable; rational; rationale: True leaders don't merely act like they are busy, but prioritize, so their actions are relevant and rational. When you explain your reasoning, in an open, honorable manner, others will embrace you as being reliable, and appreciate your taking the time, and making the effort, to explain your rationale.

Why should someone try to be a KINDER leader? More importantly, why would someone want to be a leader, unless he is willing to proceed in a kind, caring, respectful way?