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Learn To Love Unconditionally & Set Yourself Free

Your life will start to change the moment you decide to shift your thoughts and the way you look at a circumstance or situation. We become more connected to people and build better relationships. We become more in tuned with our sensitivity to feel our own "gut" to know whats right or wrong for ourselves and start to make quick acute decisions.

We begin to stand on our own two feet and feel stable in the choices we make and never feel like we have to apologize for who we are and were meant to be and feel the need to lower our own standards just to please others or allow ourselves to be held hostage by someone else's incessant need for you to behave in a certain way to make them happy constantly.

Gandhi once said "Be the change you want to see in the world" and I couldn't agree more. That is something that we can all start with. Our very own self. Words do not teach, only life experience does and the only way you can attempt to teach love is through the clear demonstration of your own example and ability to do so for others.

Treat people the way you want to be treated because anything you put out there today, it will come right back to you. Whether it is right here and now or a day later or a year after. What goes around, comes around, remember?

We each are responsible for our own well-being and the only freedom you will find for yourself is the minute you let go of the need to control a person or a situation to achieve that. When you free someone of that burden and "obligation" to make you happy, whether it is your children, your lover, your spouses, you will be free.

If you want to be appreciated, appreciate. If you want to be loved, you must first love. If you want to have, you must know how to give. Be the person you want others to be for you. No double-standards or one-way streets.

You will feel lighter on the inside and look brighter on the outside when you practice unconditional love. Eventually, you won't feel the need to look at a "condition" that pleases you in order to feel happy anymore, because you'll come to realize, no one in this world was born to serve you for a lifetime with a sole purpose of making you happy, except for yourself. It is a job that only you should be undertaking and this challenging task belongs to you alone.

We sculpt and shape our character and conditions of our lives by what we think about every single day. Spend all your time, effort and focus to think about how you're able to bring value to this world or even to a single person each time you attempt to say or do something and you will never be too far off from being one step closer to understanding and sharing unconditional love with others around you.

Practice it everyday and choose your thoughts wisely.