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So You Don't Have Enough Time?

Do you ever wish for twenty-four more hours in each day? The keyword here is time management. Let's take a look at ten time management tools.

  1. Learn the art of prioritizing. Make a list of five to ten jobs and determine which ones should be at the top of the list. Fix your attention on the most important items on your list. This is a top time management tool. Learn to use it well and you will experience fulfillment.
  2. Divide each job into small increments. Do you need to write your next blog post? Do you want it to be long enough to include in your ezine article account? Do you need to clean your house? Set aside ten to fifteen minutes a day to get the job done.
  3. Learn to budget your time wisely. Create a calendar and include structured blocks for the purpose of accomplishing each task. Time management can make your life much easier. You will feel less stressed, more fulfilled, and more relaxed.
  4. Ferret out unimportant tasks. Do you really need to contact Facebook about that ad campaign? Do you really need to contact that newspaper about a business ad? Do you really need to make that phone call to a friend who usually usurps your energy? Get rid of the chaff and concentrate on what has value.
  5. Concentrate on one goal at a time. Spreading yourself too thin can cause an energy drain. Think in terms of quality, not quantity. Contrary to popular belief, multitasking does not improve productivity. In fact, doing more than one thing at a time reduces productivity.
  6. Budget your time in the same way that you budget your money. Decide how much time should be spent on each task. Refuse to go over the limit.
  7. Learn to think of each second, minute, hour, and day as a treasure you will only have once. September 29th, 2016 will never happen again. Seconds, hours, minutes, days, months, and years are all golden. Do not waste them on trivial pursuits.
  8. Life is all about management. Financial management, goal management, and time management will all produce success, fulfillment, and balance.
  9. Do you feel overwhelmed? Learn to focus on one goal at a time. Do you feel fatigued? Set aside a part of each day for a twenty-minute nap. Do you feel unfulfilled? Put your energies into pursuits that bring you satisfaction.
  10. Keep learning and implementing time management skills,