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Are You Really Happy, Or Just Content?

Ask yourself this question; 'If you were given a choice, would you choose to have $10 million but not be entirely happy or, to be incredibly happy all the time.'

Another question is; 'Would you rather fit in to society and be accepted as normal but be unhappy, perhaps even depressed or, would you rather be considered a bit nuts, and in general weird and strange, but be incredibly happy. Which would you choose?

People usually choose the material things they think will make them happy and to conform and fit in so they are not rejected. But yet, look how unhappy everyone is, even how suicide is increasing in scary numbers due to the constantly increasing unhappiness in our world.

I on the other hand, have chosen to be nuts. I talk to myself out loud even in public, sometimes even in a funny, childlike voice. It is such an incredibly happy feeling. Now the question is, am I nuts?

Do you know the difference between nuts and spiritual? Two people talk to themselves out loud, but the nut is talking to himself and the spiritual person is talking to God.

I talk to my invisible spiritual friends, and I am happy. I am alone, but I am so happy when I talk to them out loud, because then, I am not alone. Otherwise, I am alone and my thoughts role around in my own head, which is a dangerous place to leave your thoughts alone if you are lonely.

There is a Kabbalist (Jewish mystic) who said; "Speak to God as if He is a dear friend and in such a way that you expect Him to answer." So am I nuts or spiritually awakened by talking to 'myself.'

What is more important, to care about what people think, or for you to be deeply happy. Think about that, and then decide who you talk to or, ignore.

You can be a conformist and unhappy like most people, or be yourself, open, free uninhibited, dancing or skipping down the road, sing songs out loud, putting on a funny voice, whatever you feel like doing.

Toss convention out the window, let them think what they want, but let them see you always glowing in sincere happiness, and let them admire and be jealous of you for that.

A free animal doesn't mate well in captivity. There is no room for its spirit to roam free so it will not have the motivation to reproduce in its small cage. Then it takes Viagra to deliver what nature moves it to want.

Using this analogy, see how free you are to live your life. Not just your physical but also your emotional freedom, your emotional life, if you are living in the captivity of social conforms or parental control and emotional manipulation.

These things control adults as well as children, and continue if you allow it to continue. This places you in a cage, which is depressing. Left unchecked, life just passes and the cause of stress related illnesses has taken root as well and conflicts and difficulties in your relationships.

When you question why you are not really happy, or why you are depressed, you should be looking at the walls of the cage that you have chosen to remain within, and realize how that traps your spirit and is destroying your spark for life and motivation.

Reproduction and sexual passion is not just about having babies, it is about producing offsprings so to speak, of a spiritual or energetic nature as well.

There is a Kabbalistic (Jewish mysticism) teaching that says when two or more people get together and discuss the Kaballah, if they are pure of heart, they create angels with their discussion. But, if they are dark in their heart, then daemons are produced.

If you live a life controlled by political, social, religious or family traditions and restrictions, you may be dark in heart and the energy that you are exuding is dark. But, if you are free and willing and able to skip down the road, to just sing out loud, to talk to God or your invisible friends out loud, that freedom lets your spirit breath and your smile will be showering everyone who sees you with positive uplifting energy. You will then have a wonderful effect that you will notice like I do.

When I go into a coffee shop that I frequent, and the line is long, as I stand in line, I see the staff working away with the usual bored or serious face. As soon as they see me in line, they light up with big smiles and joy.

This 'nut' who talks to himself out loud and may get some strange looks, can light up the day for many people, even ones who do not show it, but can see there is one person walking this earth who seems to know a secret to happiness.,-Or-Just-Content?&id=9432454