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Knowledge Is NOT Power

We always hear the phrase knowledge is power, and yes in some ways it is true. However I believe that knowledge is potential power. A person can be very knowledgeable in many areas but it is what he does with this knowledge that matters. What is the use of knowledge if it stays trapped in someone's mind?

First let us take a look at what Knowledge means; according to Wikipedia, it is a familiarity, awareness or understanding of someone or something, such as facts, information, description, or skills which is acquired through experience or education by perceiving, discovering or learning.

To let this knowledge come full circle and really be powerful and that is when you do something with this knowledge. Helping others, teaching others, here lays the true value in making knowledge powerful.

One should always aspire to seek knowledge and self-development, keep evolving benefiting oneself and others. The majority of us know what needs to be done to be healthy, happy and more satisfied in our lives, yet we do little to accomplish these things; as usual, it requires a lot of hard work, discipline and perseverance to reach the things we aim for. It takes strength and a lot of faith to do the things that one is supposed to do, not just feels like doing. Instead of spending endless hours indulging oneself in meaningless activities and actually getting up and doing what counts is not always appealing. I am not implying that one does not take a break every once in a while and relax and enjoy doing nothing, but that should not be the norm, but more like a reward after tasks are completed and goals reached.

We always talk about "the day" when our life will magically fall into place and we will find happiness then, the thing is the path we are walking and the journey to getting to where we want should be part of the happiness and satisfaction, the journey is every bit as important to where we are getting. Dreaming alone of that magical happy time and place, will only be that, a dream... unless one makes use of the path being walked on and learn from all experiences along the way whether good or bad, for it will make reaching the end goal so much sweeter and worth it.

So next time you learn something new, and realize of the knowledge you hold, keep in mind it will only truly be valuable with what you do with it. Make a difference, make knowledge become powerful with your actions.