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Time Management and Efficiency

The one who is capable of making the best use of the time will have the highest efficiency in the team or a given work force. Efficiency is understood as the amount of work a person is able to deliver under the given set of conditions where deadlines are considered as an important criterion of judgment.

Efficiency of every employee in the company is directly connected with the success of the company. So is the importance that the relationship between time management and efficiency is understood in depth.

Dealing with Procrastination to Improve Efficiency

Putting work off for one reason or the other not just wastes time but also reduces efficiency. Even if procrastination is practiced on the name of "breaks", it will lead to decreased energy and hence effects work productivity. Let us understand this using a simple example.

Everyone has heard of the line, "hit the iron when it is hot". When you are fully energized, and everything that you need is ready, the work should be delivered and should be of the best quality. But if you delay things for no reason, let the iron lose its heat, just imagine the reduced impact.

Hence, it is important to use resources well in time, without delays.

Maintain an Excel Sheet

Since it is all on your shoulders, you can either get into the habit of becoming a self critic or ask someone near to you to keep a check on your work status. That person should preferably be your close friend or your spouse.

Maintain an excel sheet of the work that you have done in the day. You may also prepare the "to-do" list in the night for the things that need to be completed the next day. This will help you to analyze the amount of work that you do on daily basis. This method is especially helpful to those who work from home.

Set Deadlines for Yourself

Not just in your work but set deadlines for yourself while doing small tasks such as dressing up, making breakfast, making your bed or washing the dishes. When you start timing yourself and achieve simple target within a set deadline, you will feel more confident and want to perform all tasks within the given time span.

Don`t Overwork

If you think that you may not work today and work double the amount the other day, this is not going to quality results. This is a definite recipe of reducing efficiency.

Take only that amount of work in your hand for the day that you can complete in the given time. Always consider the quality of work that will be delivered to the client.

Division of Labor

There may be several things that you are good at but dividing the work and assigning it to others in the group can significantly increase the efficiency and save a lot of time.

Once a person at a very senior designation in an MNC told me that it is easier to do work yourself that get work done from other people. But this very skill is what puts him in the chair that he was given at that time. The very skill gives you an edge. Since this ability helps you save time of the organization and deliver better, you are seen as a valuable source to the company.

It is all a win-win situation for everyone. Hence, try dividing the work next time.