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3 Marketing Strategies for Deep Transformational Work

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If you're a coach, healer, bodyworker, lightworker or change agent who delivers results that are more experiential than "intellectual" (you know who you are!)...

It may be hard to put your process into words (and you probably resist writing sales copy) because "on paper" it doesn't differ much from your competition. You just KNOW when they actually do the work with YOU, they get results like gangbuster. Period.

Even if you get them to experience your process and feel the results in their bodies or their "beings," their intellectual mind - the one that holds the purse string - is unable to frame or comprehend the results. They may even chalk it up as a coincidence or a fluke, which prevents them from taking the next step with you.

You do deep stuff; transformational work. You get to the root cause beyond the "logical" or intellectual mind.

Talking about the same old lose 10 pounds in 14 days or find your soulmate in 60 days just doesn't cut it.

The internal transformation you deliver manifests differently from one client to the next... even though you've done the work to "nail your niche" you still find getting specific about your results (like all those marketing trainings are telling you) a losing battle.

Sounds familiar? Then try these instead:

1. Map the Fastest Path to Experiencing YOU

There're too many marketing strategies and bright shiny objects for anybody to learn and implement within one lifetime.

If being in your presence, experiencing your process YOUR way and being guided by real-time interaction with YOU yield the "AHA" moment that turns someone from "just curious" to saying, "OMG, I want that!"...

Then the simple question is - which strategy and tactic is going to get as many people to experience YOU as quickly as possible?

What's the fastest path to delivering that "AHA" moment so they are moved to take the next step with you?

2. Give Them a Framework to Intellectualize the Results

Here's the thing with that "AHA" moment. The "high" they experience when everything clicks can be fleeting.

The "logical mind" can be annoying. It serves up chatter and doubts when your potential clients' heart and guts are screaming "sign me up!" It refuses to acknowledge whatever it cannot comprehend.

The "logical mind" can look at that fleeting "high" that people feel and experience in your presence or with your process and call it a fluke or a coincidence if it doesn't have a way to intellectualize the results.

That's when a well-written and concise signature system comes in handy:

It gives the monkey mind a framework to understand the experience.

It gives the left-brain a way to comprehend the deep transformation.

It gives the logical mind a reason to open the wallet and whip out the credit card.

It positions your expertise as a body of work that can be put into practice with replicable results (aka not a fluke.)

It helps your potential clients alleviate the fears that they'd be criticized for investing in themselves because they're equipped to articulate why they're doing so.

3. Don't Overload Your Website

Everyone looks up everyone on the Internet so don't let your online presence sabotage the great work you've done.

It may be tempting to load up your website with tons of content to show that you know your stuff.

Sure, there's a place for all these resources and to showcase the depth of your knowledge.

However, keep the focus on your "first encounter" experience with the goals of: (1) communicating your unique personality and point of view and (2) creating connection and resonance with your audience.

The simplicity of this strategy allows you to build TRUST as quickly as possible, without giving the monkey mind too much to "chew on" so your potential clients get lost in reading instead of taking action.