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5 Body Language Secrets That Boost Your Productivity

Body language has become a popular subject area in recent years since the release of the best-selling book <What Every BODY is Saying> written by an ex-FBI agent Joe Narvarro.

While certain gestures can be faked when someone tries to convey misleading information, there are micro expressions that are very difficult to be controlled consciously.

Anyhow, psychologists and behavioral scientists have proven that your body language can shape who you are. (Amy Cuddy's Ted talk is one of the great examples.)

Below are 5 ways to influence your feelings and productive actions by controlling your body language.

#1 The Wonder Woman Pose

Yes, I am talking about the renowned DC Comics's Diana Price power pose.

Research have found that when you do that pose for just 2 minutes, your testosterone level can be raised by 20%, while cortisol levels can drop by 25%. Testosterone is directly related to your energy level and motivation while cortisol is the stress hormone that we want as little as possible.

Thus, when you stand up tall, put your chest out, place your hands on your hips like a beautiful "Wonder Woman", you will feel much more driven to do the work.

#2 The "Chop That Head" Movement

This is one of my favorite "state change" tricks.

Whenever I feel tense, stressed or overwhelmed, the fastest way I've found to get myself back to the positive, dominant and productive state is to do this "chopping head" movement.

Basically, you hold your hand as if you're a karate master. You do that knife hand strike and cut straight through the air from your head to your stomach.

It may look silly when you are performing the gesture, but this is a very effective way to summon your warrior energy to help you crush anything. When you feel like an unstoppable gladiator, you are naturally more willing to get back to work on that difficult task.

#3 Crazy Hopping Dance

Another super movement that can get you back in state is to hop like an excited kid with your hands throwing up the sky.

Enthusiasm does not just come to you. You've to take the responsibility to generate it.

When I turn on some Electronic Dance Music (EDM) in Spotify and start to dance as if I've won the championship, I will feel awesome within 3 minutes and I will be in state again to dominate my path.

Between shyness and success, what are you going to choose?

#4 Stand Up & Work If You Can

Excessive sitting is killing you.

Our body is designed to move, not to remain sedentary. We used to move around all day long when we were hunters and gatherers, but industrial revolution started this "pandemic of immobility".

Journal of Internal Medicine found that sitting more than 11 hours a day raises premature death risk by 40%. Also, excessive sitting causes a ton of health issues like cardiovascular diseases, heart attack, drop in good cholesterol, increase in diabetes risks etc.


Invest in a standing desk or even a treadmill desk if you are able to. Commit yourself to at least 20 minutes of thinking walks during the day. Move your body as much as you can and stop sitting so long!

#5 When In Doubt, Lean Out and Slow Down Your Movements

During important conversations like deal negotiations, a lot of people lean in and react to what the others say. This actually communicates that you kind of need the thing to happen and you'll likely to fidget.

Not only will this set you into a lower bargaining position, but this will also make you more nervous and probably fail to get the outcome you want.

Remember, when in doubt, lean out.

Take a few deep breathes down to your belly, relax your shoulders, look up and put your chin up. Slow down the words, the gestures and cut your movement into half.

This signals back to your brain that "No big deal, I can handle this crap" and you'll increase your chance of having a productive outcome.

So, have you got your favorite body language secret out of the 5 above? Regardless, stop all your learning, go out there, and start implementing one of them today!