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Tackling A Busy Lifestyle - The New "Must Haves" For People On-The-Go

Food Delivery Service

No time to shop? There are a great deal of services made for that, to include more than just Chinese or Pizza delivery. Not that those options aren't good, but when in excess one's health can suffer. Now there is online grocery delivery service! Just log on to a local supermarket and shop from home, then schedule delivery for when it can be accepted. Boom, at least an hour was just saved!

Locker Locations

Many big name online companies have set up what are called "locker locations." What these are, are a place to receive shipments if the individual isn't home for delivery. This is a great way to ensure online purchases will be safe, as many are no stranger to the fact that just anyone can snag a shipment left on the porch.

It's so much easier to shop for everything online, but since no one can be home 24/7 to accept deliveries this is a great alternative. The best part is that there's no additional cost for this service, just check to make sure there's a locker nearby for pickup. In most instances one just enters a code or swipes their credit card for access to the locker and their items! Easy as pie!

Remote Doorman Services

The electronic, or remote doorman services area great use of the latest technology in order to secure a building or residence. This invention allows one to remotely greet visitors, grant them access, or even accept packages to include dry cleaning and mail. Use of CCTV cameras enables users to record activities both inside and outside the building.

The video intercom lets the owner both view and speak with anyone before deciding to grant them building access. Remote doorman services can also include electronic card access. This keeps anyone from using stolen or copied keys.

As a bonus, one will never be locked out of their home. Remote doorman services can give access to occupants or even to a key safe as an option for added security.

Remote doorman services can be added by an individual for a low monthly fee, or even by the management company or owner of a building. It's becoming more and more popular in metropolitan areas due to the safety and convenience it provides.

24/7 Dry Cleaning Service

With this convenient dry cleaning service, all one has to do is drop their dirty clothing into a locker. Then they come back and their entire order is clean next day! This walk up service is becoming more and more popular, especially in New York City. Expect it to pop up nationwide and try it out. It's actually very convenient and affordable.

As an added bonus, it's possible to track the cleaning process online and get a text on the status. Prices are comparable to this service at a laundromat or cleaners.

Great Solutions

With all these solutions, there's no reason why a busy individual can't do it all, and with a smile on their face. See what these great services do to simplify life and then pass on the knowledge to coworkers, friends and family so they can reap the benefits too!