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The Deeper Voice Within You

Robert Green: "the greatest Masters in history have confessed to experiencing some kind of force. A sense of destiny that has guided them forward"

Most of us live in overstimulated environments where our inner voice is being constantly neglected. Having said that we forget about our unique nature and capabilities, we all possess. The truth is that you and I have a genetic structure that it is not going to be repeated again. As you can understand you are destined to a life full of purpose, through your deeper voice.Someone might say "I am too old to do it, this voice you are talking about is long gone.."On the contrary of your beliefs, this voice you have, awaits to be awakened. It never fades nor flees from you.

Robert Greene: "The process of following your Life's Task all way to mastery can essentially begin at any point in life. The hidden force within you is always there and ready to be engaged."

You see it's so natural to be disconnected with our core self, hence our deeper voice. What we tend to see and hear especially in the movies is that following your heart is simple and will eventually come to the surface. It won't. If someone studies stories of masters around the world, will eventually realize that simplicity doesn't go hand in hand with mastery. You need a strategy.

The first thing to find your true purpose is to look inwards and start searching for sings in past of the inner voice. Several months ago when I was meditating one afternoon, without any mental struggle I went back to my childhood years and remembered a couple of those enlightenment moments. It was great, it gave me guidelines for how I want to approach life. I would love to continue talking about meditation but this topic is for another article.

Second, see your work as a vacation. Love the grind. Many people are willing to exchange 10 months in a workplace they don't like to 2 months of vacation (at least in Europe). That doesn't seem like a good deal to me. How about 10 months of work that correlates with your deeper voice and purpose?

Last but not least you must see your journey as a past with twists and turns rather that a straight line. Thank god life is not linear, otherwise it would be extremely boring. Expecting failures and misfortunes eliminates the mental and physical energy of worrying.

I will close with Robert Greene's Strategies to find your Life's Task

1) Return to your Origins.

2) Occupy the perfect niche.

3) Avoid the false path.

4) Let go of your past.

5) Find your way back.