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Quick Ways to Manage Time for Family

Did you know that till the 16th century the word family was used only to represent the household servants? It was only after 1667 that the word family was used to refer to those in blood relations, especially the parents and their offspring. And, we are talking about family in this context in the following article.

It seems that the more sentimental the meaning of the word has become the more difficult it has become, in the modern life, to keep up with the expectations of being a family member. Are you someone facing a difficulty in being there for the family? Then here are a few tips for you.

Make a Choice

The most important thing you need to do is to make a choice between your family and the other thing. You cannot be at two places in one time and so it is you who has to decide where to show up.

You can either spend an entire evening with your friends or deviding the same time between your family and friends. I have a friend who is a physiotherapist. Due to his paramedic profession he has little time left for socializing, let alone any time for himself. Yet, when I talk to him he does share how he went to a movie with his parents and then how much fun he had during beer party at a friend`s house.

When I asked him how he manages to maintain the balance and he said that multitasks. He may hang around with friends but do shopping being in a mall and if he has to relax at home he did rather take his parents out.

Spare the Weekend

Keep one day of the weekend exclusively for the family and let your friends know about it so no one makes any such plan for which you have to say no and feel guilty later on for not going.

Most people suggest that things pick up by weekend afternoons and family members plan to go out by the evening. So, in case you need to meet your friends or got something important to do then get it done before noon.

A Meal Together

This is one of the best ways to catch up with your parents, siblings or children. You may either volunteer to cook with the gang or chit-chat; your wish. Nothing brings people more close than sitting down together and having food.

Take a Walk

If any of your family members walks to work or school/collage (you are lucky if your roads to work/school are the same), then you should try walking with them more often.

Even otherwise, a nice walk after dinner or on mornings of holidays is a nice way to re-connect.

Remember Special Occasions

Be there for the birthday celebrations and anniversaries. If you think you owe something to one of the members in your family then these special occasions are just the time to make them feel special.

Take advantage of the occasion and do something special for them that you have not done for them in a while. It could mean getting them something that they have been asking for since long or just spend time with them.

Make use of Technology

The fact that the world has become a global village should be taken an advantage of in favor of your family. Keep connected through emails, text messages and phone calls. When the whole world is a click away why should there be any distance from the family.