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Growing Up, Finding the Right Career (By Gordie Marr)

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Something every visitor asks your children and you always ask your children's friends.

Well, it is not so easy is it. I, for one, never "grew up", I only got older and but was fortunate enough to be doing something which I truly enjoy. When I was 10 or so years old my father had let me play with one of his old cameras he had since he was a child, this sparks a real interest and what was a hobby became a professional career. I am fortunate enough to still have the interest, love and ability to be practicing this 30+ years later.

For others, it is not that easy. Graduating from high school and having the burden of picking the right college of university course is a lot more difficult than it appears. Most students who end up taking a Bachelor of Arts, will later wonder why they wasted two years of this college or university years when they could have gone into something in which they have an interest and aptitude.

To suggest to grade 10 and 11 students to ensure their marks and courses studied meet the best interest of what is hoped to be their career choice is a must. Students must be pushed to achieve all their goals, to be told they can do it and be made to achieve it.

Life does not usually offer second chances and as such getting that all important education is the key to success. It shouldn't matter what background, situation or circumstances the students come from, they should be pushed to do their best, study hard and find subjects that interest them. Getting that spark of acknowledgement, receiving that pat on the back for doing a great job on a hard project might be all it takes to ignite the fire and the drive required by successful students and workers.

Acknowledge their success with a praise and respect and encourage them to pursue this as a career. The choices of jobs is dwindling in sectors as the mass of IT jobs seems to be taking over the retail sector.

A few factors to help keep students on the path to success:

  • encouragement
  • praise
  • keep their interest
  • short study breaks
  • show an authentic interest in what they are doing
  • learn with them
  • spend time helping them learn
  • find designated time daily for them to study
  • assign designated work space for them to study
  • give them quiet time when studying
  • respect their space

But most of all support them in their dreams.