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Get to Know Yourself and Deepen Your Journey in Time!

When you make time to explore life's mysteries you're doing something that always enriches you in powerful and, often very unexpected ways.

And this kind of in-depth exploration is also, often, the first thing that we set aside when life gets busy.

You might ask, "When is life NOT busy?!" And that's an excellent question. If you wait for 'leisure time' to get to know yourself and your heart-felt values better, well, you may never actually do it.

The thing is that, among the fundamental mysteries of life, our own hearts and minds can frequently present us with some of the biggest puzzles. And the less you know yourself, the more you'll bump into these sometimes confusing surprises. Do you find that to be true?

  • Are there things that you shy away from without understanding why?
  • Have you reacted strongly to something and then thought, "Hmmmm, I wonder where that came from?"
  • Would you like to tune in more deeply to the stories that you tell yourself?
  • Would you like to change some of those stories? The ones that keep you from being your fullest and freest self... and stepping toward your cherished dreams?

I find that the human psyche is an endless trove of treasures just waiting to be discovered by intrepid explorers who take the time to delve down and look around! The mysteries that we harbor, each of us, are there to be uncovered. What is needed is an investment of time... and of listening... to develop an authentic and supportive relationship with ourselves.

And the really good news is that the time investment doesn't have to be daunting. Small increments is a key mantra to keep in mind whenever you think about time - and especially with a lifelong enterprise like maintaining and deepening your relationship with yourself.

Small increments! It is much more important to be authentic and steady in your connection with yourself, than it is to spend hours at it. Yes, "more time" is great... but given a choice, I would opt for steadiness and frequency every time!

Think of it as tending a garden... working the soil... keeping up with the nurturing and weeding and finding moments to do it. Sometimes you find a Saturday when you can spend several hours gardening. Sometimes you come home from work, gaze at your plants lovingly, pull a weed or two, and move on to other things.

Small increments! What's important is maintaining the steady engagement and contact. The harvest will come!!&id=9498310