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Your Own Personal Masquerade

Do you really know who you are? Yes, I'm sure you know your own name and how you look like, but do you really know who 'you' are? Take this into account, have you ever realized that many of us act differently when we are with different groups of friends, our families, teachers, strangers and many other types of people? But the question is, if you have so many different ways of 'being yourself' (Let's call it Masks), how would you know which one of these Masks, is the real you?

Think about it. The way we behave is often because of our environment. When we are with our friends, we behave differently than when we are with our families. So which one is the real you? Since obviously, you are the one that created all of the Masks for yourself in the first place.

But why do we have these Masks? Most of the time, Masks are formed because we try to fit in, to be something that we aren't. We have been told since we were young to only behave in a certain way, to be nice to people, so that they like us. But the part about 'being nice to people, so that they would like you', has evolved into something else.

It is that programming that helps us create our Masks. We try so hard to get people to like us, to accept us, that we forget about the most important part, being ourselves. When we try to be ourselves, there is always fear in us, wondering if others would judge us for who we are. Due to that fear, we create our Masks, we try to become something different from what we already are.

Here's the problem. The more we try to hide who we are from everyone else, the more approval we seek from others, the more we would tend to forget who we really are. We would start to get lost in the self-created Masquerade.

Now, how do we stop this? How do we find ourselves?

Firstly, we need to become aware whenever we see ourselves wearing a Mask. For example, when we are talking to our friends and we notice that the way we talk and the things we say aren't really what we normally think or do we would know that we are putting on a Mask. Or maybe you act differently when your long-lost relatives are visiting, you are more polite than you normally are. Or you might even try to act cooler or nicer whenever you see the person you 'fancy'.

No matter the situation, try your best to see the Mask you are wearing. And slowly you will eventually find a way to remove your unwanted Mask and leave your Masquerade so that you can start being yourself.

Many people are afraid that if they remove their Mask their friends or families would not approve. They fear that they would end up friendless and that everyone won't like them. Logically and scientifically this isn't possible. As per The Law of Vibration and Attraction, when you start to remove your Masks, you will find that your friends too will start taking down their Masks. And the ones that don't would slowly and subtly move away. You will also attract more people who are more open and truthful.

This way, you don't have a reason to not take off your Mask, unless you want to end up living an unreal life in world of illusions.

So get started on unmasking yourself, because the real you is waiting.