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Non-Verbal Communication

Not many people know, but almost 80% of the interactions we have with others is done via non-verbal communication.

Now, one must think, how can we communicate non-verbally? What exactly is non-verbal communication?

Well, non-verbal communication is that type of communication which deals with all communications via body language, gestures, writing letters/memos/notices etc.

In your professional life, most of the communication between colleagues or your seniors is done via non-verbal communication.

Let us take a few examples:

1. To let the staff know about an urgent opening/closing of office or change in office timings.

A notice is drafted and is set up on a notice board. A circular may also be circulated to the staff regarding the message which needs to be conveyed.

2. To make certain propositions to other companies.

A written proposition is drafted so as to be given to other organization. They read the terms and conditions and may or may not join the venture of the company.

3. For a colleague to ask for something.

Foe a colleague/ staff member to take a holiday/sick leave or some complaint etc, they need to draft a written permission/ letter and send it to the required official.

Aside all this, our day-to-day conversations deal with such type of communication.

Let us take a few very common examples, which we tend to ignore.

1. When in a group, we have our back towards a specific individual.

It is proven that a person who one doesn't like, he/she will always tend to turn their back towards that particular person - indicating that they don't want him/her as a part of the group/discussion.

2. In India, it is said to meet elders with a "Namaste" and touch the feet of elders.

The "namaste" gesture shows respect to others. Touching their feet is a kind way of saying that we will always follow your footsteps and won't let you down.

3. Eyes.

Did you know, eyes do a lot of talking, it isn't just a phrase! Eyes can show love, anger, sorrow, despair and even depression! A happy person will have glowing eyes. People who are angry tend to have big eyes, almost as if they are going to pop out. People full of sorrow tend to have weepy or dull eyes.

See, just by looking into someone's eyes you can understand what they feel. Not about a situation or life, even about you!

4. Posture.

Did you know, the way you sit/stand says a lot about you?

If a person slouches and sits with bad posture - i.e. slouched shoulders- he/she is said to have low self-esteem and low self-confidence.

A person with good posture, upright back and perfect shoulders will be seen as self-confident and have a lot of self-esteem.

As the above scenarios suggest, we need to watch out for what we communicate non-verbally is more important than what we say as it expresses a lot more.

There is a whole study on micro and macro expressions done by Paul Ekman, for anyone interested in knowing more about how what we don't say, says it all! I suggest you watch the TV series "Lie to me" by Paul Ekman or the BBC Documentary " The human face"