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How Love Notes Can Be Your Secret Weapon In Relationships

Love, the intangible and immeasurable stuff that transcends all and connects the universe. And Love notes, the gestures big or small, used by us every day, more than we realize. The correct use of which, make all our relationships so much easier.

We express to others the way we like to be expressed to. Which means if you are the 'touchy-feely' type, you are likely to express your Love notes in a 'touchy-feely' way (Hugs, kisses, did I mention hugs! ).

They are not something only partners, lovers or close family members use for people they love.

Love notes are used as an expression from one living being to another.

The notes could express 'I see you', 'I am thinking of you', 'I want you to be supported', 'I love you', 'I like you', 'I adore you', 'I am grateful', 'I am with you', 'We are in this together', 'You matter'...

Love notes infuse a dose of care, concern, connection into our interactions and take many shapes:

  • A friend leaving a cleaned pot and tea strainer for me to use every morning
  • My boss getting me a bottle of water because I was having a packed day at work
  • A surprise gift from my neighbor
  • My husband sitting in an uncomfortable position for hours so I could have the perfect snuggle
  • The stranger at the store holding my bags while I put on my raincoat
  • A social media follower who reads and engages me on every blog I write
  • My nephew blowing me a flying kiss as we Skype

To be honest, they don't necessarily come to you only as words expressed by someone who loves you. They can be expressed by friends, acquaintances and strangers in a variety of ways.

We only need to be aware and stay in the moment to pick up all these Love notes that are constantly showered on us. That will make all the difference in how we feel about our relationships and interactions.

And more importantly, how we view the world and our place in it.

Do you have an example of such 'Love notes' you have experienced recently?

Maybe it was something you did or said differently? Maybe it was a realization you had about how you communicate? Or maybe, it was a realization about how someone you know likes to be communicated to.

Whatever the case, we'd love to hear your take on the whole experience.