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How to Leave Your Guilt Behind

Everyone has had different experiences with guilt.

In my experience I focused on my behavior and became aware of myself enough to realize the things that would or did make me choose to feel guilty.

Yes I said choose to feel guilty. All of us are in control of the way we feel and yes I realize that many of us at one time or another may have given our control of how we feel to someone else.

The first part of leaving your guilt behind is to become more aware of self. The more that I became aware of my feelings and was able to determine why I felt the way I felt, The better I was able to understand myself. As I came to more of an understanding of myself. I am able to identify the feelings, I like to call them vibrations guilt, shame, fear, worry, doubt. They all fall into the same bucket for me and I don't pay much attention to them.

They are all feelings that once I start to identify them and realize why I am choosing to feel this way. These feelings no longer control the way I feel or perceive my reality.

Anyone can do the same by becoming the observer. The observer of you. Take a look at your life as if you were someone else. Attempt to allow your critic to take a rest. Watch yourself in wonderment as maybe an admirer would look at you. There is no need to judge yourself at all. Exploration is for fun and learning!

As I learn to explore myself more and become the non judgemental observer. I am identifying the guilt in my life and as I see the places in my life that are changing. I express gratitude for the opportunity of life.

I now have discovered that as I learn more about myself, I am able to see life in a new way. As I keep expanding so do the opportunities to share my experiences with others.

I get up everyday and choose to be happy. Yes it can be work some days! Take control of your mood or it is taking control of your life. Make a list of all the reasons for you to be happy. I do not always look to the outside world for signs that I am happy.

Where I find happiness I do not find guilt, I believe that you will find the same.

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