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Our Mixed Up Shook Up World

There is a universal feeling of uneasiness that pervades our daily lives; violence and rage that began as a small wild fire in a distant place seemingly has been picked up by the wind and scattered to every corner of our world. What's fueling this rage that is intent on destroying random innocent victims who could never understand their motives?

It has become impossible to ignore the ugliness that rears its head almost daily; violent riots in the streets of many countries, genocide and mass murder by leaders of nations and the every growing threat from and fear of learning the name of the next person or group who takes their place in history via the number of lives they have taken. Is this the darkest of clouds that could mask the brightest of futures? Is that possible?

Our world continues to change demanding that we move forward with it or get trampled in the sands of time that was yesterday. Much of this change was inspired by our own technology; we live in a world where anyone can talk to everyone. Myths are destroyed and truth emerges when communication is open and available. Change is inevitable; change causes fear, fear causes anger. The greater the fear the deeper the anger is embedded; at its most intense, it becomes rage. Our world seems out of our control leaving us feeling like we are walking a tightrope in a bad storm. It has become a balancing act which appears to have gone badly amok. How can we weather this storm?

We face these events with apprehension, wondering what's next, reflecting more and more on the way things used to be, or as we imagined them to have been. We are emerging from the dense, dark energy field that every person on this planet has grown comfortable in, as we speed into the new and much lighter energy field that is the next dimension. This new energy is responsible for the enlightened attitudes, the technological advances, breakthroughs in cures for diseases and even the search for better and safer energy to power our planet. It is the wind that has picked up the wild fires and deposited them throughout the world we live in. But why is it necessary?

Imagine that our planet is a garden where the choices made by the people who live on it have been contrary to the design it was created to become. The strong ideas that have lifted us to a place where light can penetrate are like tall strong plants that could still reach the sunshine and nourishment required to continue to grow. It has become necessary to weed the garden and root out what cannot be a part of the new design. As rocks and ground cover are moved the dark, creepy things that existed below them crawl out and are exposed. They were always there, but now they are visible. Many are scary and some seem threatening, intent on destroying the life around them. This is the root cause of what we are witnessing now. We are in the midst of a project of great growth and a far more rewarding future. Yesterday has joined hands with today as we walk bravely into tomorrow.

As racial unrest and violence in our streets rise to the surface, as all the worst traits of humanity demand our attention we can rest easy knowing that facing it honestly allows us to search for a real solution or discard it to the annals of history as a reflection of how truly barbaric this time in history really was. And how rewarding it is will be to pause and take the time to root out that which cannot stand and replace it with that which will propel us to a better tomorrow. Must we be a part of this? Yes, because we are all one.