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The Following Are Some Techniques of Reducing Stress, Not Necessarily in That Order

1. Take regular breaks from work.

If you feel like stress is overwhelming you, it is important that you take regular breaks from your activities. Working long hours without rest, will create a buildup of stress and tension. However, if you take regular breaks, and "have a change of scenery", you will discover that you will relieve some significant amount of stress.

2. Share your problem with a friend.

Find a friend whom you can trust, and open up to. You are likely to find out that your friend will give you some helpful insights and encourage you to carry on in life. This will go a long way in reducing your stress.

3. Meditate.

You should take some time off and meditate to relieve stress. This technique is not complicated. You just find a quiet place with a soothing atmosphere, make yourself comfortable, close your eyes and start freeing your mind of all thoughts. When a thought pops in your mind, gently visualize it moving along. You will end up benefiting a lot from meditation.

4. Take a deep breath.

This technique works tremendously well. No special equipment needed to do this. You can do it anywhere. Start by simply breathing slowly then deeply in through the nose and out through the mouth. You will begin to feel the relaxation effects which will go a long way in relieving your stress.

Do not allow stress to get the better part of you. Take action now, and use any one of the techniques described. You are responsible for your own state of mind. The buck stops here! As a stress free being, you will experience the happiness and joy you deserve!

The Art of Real Honesty

Truth! A five letter word that we wish would make the world run! A clear word that wins you respect, trust, and favor. A tiny word that brings to you friends that are worthy of your character and your direction in life.

Truth is a virtue that will help you live a stress free life, with no fear of repercussions. Many people have had to live a life of mastering lies upon lies, in order to escape the disgrace of being found out.

Yes, some may have succeeded at it, and still survived up till now, but they live in constant fear of what might happen to them the next day, or hour or minute. People who tell lies put a huge burden on their backs, and have to twist words and use tricks in order to get through the day.

Happiness is a choice! I wonder how many people would realize that? We were born into this world being happy. Just watch babies and younger children, they are happy and eager to explore the world. Everybody would agree that we all would love to be happy with our families, finances, health, relationships and everything that surrounds us. Why aren't we? The door to happiness is always open.,-Not-Necessarily-in-That-Order&id=9335100