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Something I Can't Resist

Is there something in your life that you can't resist? Others may say that they want all the things that money could buy. But for me, reading is something I cannot ignore. I find joy in simply reading pocketbooks, newspapers or any kind of book that capture my interest. No matter how busy I am, I really find time for reading.

There are some people who wonder why reading from time to time is important. Actually, reading is a vital skill to become a good communicator. If we have good communication skills, we can easily establish rapport with people we would like to talk to. Poor reading skills increases the amount of time it takes to absorb and react in the workplace.

Communication is very important in our day-to-day lives. Reading is one of the four macro-skills that we need to learn aside from writing, listening and speaking. Great learning tools include books, magazines and even the Internet. A person who loves to read can educate himself/herself in any area he/she is interested in.

Reading develops the creative side of people. Reading exposes us to a world of imagination. It shows us that nothing is impossible in this world. We are able to see things in a different viewpoint.

Reading develops our minds. It helps us comprehend things beyond its literary meaning. Reading with understanding not only develop our self-efficacy but also our self-confidence. When we know something, we are not afraid to share what we have. Our knowledge is our wealth.

When we have a high self-efficacy, we are confident to be motivated to achieve our goals. Efficacious people consider difficult tasks as challenges especially when we are knowledgeable enough to perform the tasks. Reading is a good tool to achieve this skill.

Reading stimulates our artistic mind. Reading also improves our positive self-concept. It adds confidence especially when we are able to meet and encounter different types of people. There's a saying that goes this way, "We cannot share what we don't have." It's true, but if we are equipped with the knowledge and skills, nothing is impossible for us.

Reading is also a sort of entertainment because when we feel lonely, we just read humorous stories to pacify us. By doing that we are able to relax our body and mind which is an important point because these days most people seem to forget how to relax.

That's why reading is something that I can't resist. It helps me become a better me. All of these self-improvements start from my passion in reading.