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Adult Survivors of Child Abuse: How to Prevent Being Re-Victimized

You are no longer that scared little child who was subjected to the sick machinations of adults who abused you. You are no longer that child who had to shut up and be seen, not heard. You are no longer afraid. You are now a strong person who cannot and will not allow anyone to take advantage of you the way they did when you were a child.

As such, you now have the presence of mind and booming strength to cut off and stay away from monsters, which is anyone who wants to send you back to that time so they can twist you up, twist up what you went through to make you start doubting what happened. You are now strong as the Rock of Gibraltar Adult.

So now that you are now a strong, kick-ass Adult and there are poisonous people trying to do that to you, can you imagine the children who are most vulnerable to the abuse and machinations of adults? Can you imagine what they are going through? Actually, you don't have to imagine, because you now know what it feels like to have those same adults try to get inside your head to twist up your mind. Sadly and disgustingly, that is what adults do to children to get them to shut up and not bring shame to the family name.

Those children were forced to suffer in silence to protect the family and to protect the abuser because he maybe some prominent official, a religious figure, close friend of the family or he may even be a family member. The abuse is swept under the rug to protect the family name. As an adult you can now fight for those children and even fight for adults who are still suffering.

Take your mental health far away from those adults who are trying to twist up your mind to make you believe that you are lying or that what happened is your perception or imagination. The same is done to children. They are accused of lying just because the adult does not want to believe it about that person, especially if they are married to that person or for the fact that if they acknowledge the child they would have to acknowledge the abuse they had suffered.

Sadly, that may have been how they were manipulated into believing and was programmed to protect others at their own expense and so they suffer in silence and they believe the crap that was spewed at them and now they are trying to get you to believe and swallow that same crap.

And of course with you opening up and talking about what you went through it is forcing them to confront their own pain and they don't want that. So they will spew out the same crap that was spewed at them to get you to shut up. They will even slyly go to others to spew that same crap so that people who don't have much strength and understanding and who were taught the same crap, will try to shut you down. Or they go and ask the abuser if he did what you said.

Now you tell me, which abuser will admit to that? What domestic violence perpetrator and or rapist will admit to what they did? All that is doing is raping the victim all over again. Which is sick and disgusting. Only spiteful individuals who are in pain and is living in fear will accuse you of enjoying talking about yourself. Do not let them deter you from your path and your purpose.

Do not let them force you back to being a child who had to sacrifice their innocence to protect the family. No child should ever have to go through all that. No child should be prepped by a family member or a friend of the family to be raped. NONE!! Yes, molestation is rape. It is the rape of a child's innocence.

You have to be strong and have a rock-solid mind to stand firm against those individuals and not allow them to beat you into submission. You are opening up about what you went through to give a voice to so many who went through the same thing and had to suffer in silence. It is your selflessness, strength and courage that will help others to stand up against the abusers.

It will help adults to start looking out more closely at their own children to protect them and keep them safe. Allow no one to force you to shut up about your life. And yes, you have a deeper knowledge about how abuse affects individuals. You have healed a lot of what you went through and now you are stronger for it and so you can now speak out and infuse that strength into other victims. You know what signs to look out for in children and in adults. Continue being an advocate, continue sharing your life, your healing and your strength and you will be a beacon of light to others.