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Revive Your Inner Warrior: Reclaim Your Dreams, Visions and Happiness

In order to move yourself and your dreams forward, it is imperative to remove yourself away from negativity and from poor outlooks on life. If you stick around those things, you will never make it in your life. If you soak up people's energies, then you have to place yourself around the kind of energies that you want to absorb. Soaking in the wrong kind of energies will only serve to weigh down your energy and result in you looking negatively at yourself until you end up stopping your own life.

You will soon start to believe that you will not make it, that you are not smart enough, that you are not educated enough and that you will not succeed just because someone else bitterly said so to you because they saw your greatness and so they wanted to do everything to crush you. STOP BELIEVING THE BITTER LIES!! No one outside of you can determine your success nor should they be given that kind of role and power in your life.

Allow no one to crush your dreams before you have even launched them. It is natural and normal to want to run your dreams and visions by the people in your life, however, if the people in your life are always negative and always finding something negative to say about your dreams and visions and are always putting you down even when your dreams have come to fruition, then it is time to remove yourself surgically from those individuals.

Those are the people who do not want to see you succeed and the one way to do that is to get in your head so that you begin to doubt yourself, stop believing in yourself so that you stop pursuing your dreams and end up becoming stuck and stagnant, thus doing their work for them. ENOUGH! Those are the DREAM CRUSHERS!

It is time to take your life, your dreams and your visions far away from those individuals. You cannot stop your life just because someone tells you that you will never succeed or what you are doing will never work out. The question is, "Why are they trying?" That's their only job. Remove yourself from all the naysayers, both females and the males.

Truth is, they may have been told the same things about their dreams by others whose dreams were also crushed and so they think they are bringing you back to reality by telling you that your dreams will never work so you need to be practical and realistic. You are not responsible for their dreams being crushed so do not allow anyone or anything to crush your dreams. Also know that you cannot force someone to revive their dreams, or become happy if they are intent on being negative about life.

So while you may feel sad for what they went through, you cannot stay stuck with them just so you can show solidarity. That is not solidarity. That is your dreams drying up like a raisin in the sun, which will lead to ending up like them, becoming resentful, angry, bitter and hateful to yourself and to others. No, No, Noooo!! You can't let that happen to you. You cannot allow yourself to sink down into a quagmire of despair, depression, darkness and unhappiness. Do not soak up other people's energies.

It is now time to fling off their cloak of sadness, darkness, resentment and misery that had taken over your entire life. You can do your life over. You never have to stay stuck in resentment and bitterness, nor do you have to end up in resentment and bitterness. Forgive yourself for being around those individuals, forgive yourself for sacrificing your dreams and your desires for others.

Time to open up the huge French doors of your life and let the bright light of the sun into your life. Time to reclaim your life from the bowels of death. Time to set new goals, create new dreams, new visions, time to revive your inner warrior. Time to live your life wildly, ecstatically and magnificently. Time to step into your greatness. Time to achieve everything you have dreamed of, everything you have desired, wanted and have envisioned.

It is now YOUR TIME TO SHINE!,-Visions-and-Happiness&id=9269004