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Georgian and Victorian Intimate Secrets

Theresa Berkley was a fascinating woman, who in many ways defied her times. She was a famous dominatrix who ran her own establishment at 28 Charlotte Street in Fitzrovia. She was not adverse to doling out punishments herself but had many girls to do it for her

Some of those in her employ were called:

Miss Ring 
Ebony Bet 
Sally Taylor 
Hannah Jones 
One-eyed Peg

She invented the 'Berkeley Horse' which consisted of 2 ladders forming an upside down 'V'. It is still in use by dominatrix working today.

She earned enough money to be able to leave her brother ten thousand pounds, which is almost a million in modern money.

Henry Havelock Ellis was a British doctor, writer, social reformer and pioneer researcher into sexual behaviour. He openly supported homosexuals rights and women's right to use birth control, despite the fact that homosexuality was considered to be so repugnant and morally wrong that the punishment for being convicted of it was hanging.

That was what awaited more than a few men, such as Joseph Holland, Isaac Hitchin and John Powell. All three were executed in Lancashire after being convicted of sodomy in 1806.

Franz Kotzwara was a famed Czech double bass player and composer who was in London in 1791. On 2nd September, he visited Susannah Hill, a prostitute living in Vine Street, Piccadilly. After having dinner with her, he gave her 2 shillings on the condition that she castrate him. She refused to do so, but he then died of auto-erotic asphyxiation. She got accused of his murder, but there were many witnesses in her defense.

The term 'Hooker' reportedly dates from 1862- 1867. General Joseph Hooker was supposed to be so fond of a row of bawdy houses on Lafayette Square in Washington DC, that it became known as 'Hookers Row'.

It was not only in the bigger cities of the world, that prostitution was a common occupation, however, as Jane Harper, a Lancaster resident was convicted of keeping a 'disorderly' house in the city during 1811. The use of 'disorderly' sometimes meant that it was used by prostitutes and their clients, although it's not made clear if that was the case for Jane Harper.

William Bankes MP was caught twice embracing a man. The 2nd time was with a guardsman in Green Park. He fled abroad in 1841, away from the rumours.

Having a child out of wedlock also meant that you would receive a harsh punishment. Sarah Bullen, a Lancashire woman had to undertake hard labour for six weeks, after it was ruled that her child was fatherless on November 25th, 1819.