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4 Ways to Shift From Worrying to Productive Thinking

When faced with tough situations, the natural tendency for every human being is to worry. There are some people who through regular practice have been able to train their minds to stay calm irrespective of what is happening in their lives. Worrying has a lot of negative effects on our lives and we must learn to make the most of all our experiences in life.

This article has been written to help you make a successful transition from worrying to becoming more productive with your time and invariably your life. You will get useful tips that will help you change your perspective about life's occurrences.

I advise you to go through this write-up as often as possible to make the most of the knowledge shared.

Here are a few tips to help you shift your energy from worrying to productive thinking.

1. Put Situations in the Right Perspective

The first and most important step in the process of converting time spent worrying to productive time is to put situations in the right perspective. For every seemingly negative incident that occurs in your life, there are always two perspectives, the positive and the negative. The natural inclination of every human will be to dwell on the negative, it takes self-control to be able to see the good in every bad. You must believe strongly that every situation that occurs is for your good.

2. Think on Paper

I have found this to be a very important way of understanding situations better. Have you ever tried to analyze a challenge with a pen and paper? If you haven't you are missing out on a great opportunity to develop your creative ability. Writing about your problems will help you bring things into the right perspective. When you think on paper, you are able to see things clearer. Instead of worrying next time something happens, take out a clean sheet of paper and do a thorough analysis of the situation. Trust me you will find this exercise very relieving. Write about lessons to be learnt from the situation, how your life will improve as a result, how you will get through and how you will help others in a similar situation.

3. Read and Do Research

There is information on just about any subject available on the internet. How often do you try to read about the challenges you are facing? There is nothing you are going through that is totally strange, the truth is you are not the first neither will you be the last person to experience a particular challenge. You do not have a special problem that no one else has had in the past. Why worry when you can get free information from others who have successfully scaled through such situations in the past? Buy books or get information from the internet that address the challenge. Spend your time looking for solutions rather than wallowing is self-pity and worry.

4. Develop an Exit Strategy

Why worry when you can use the same amount of time to create a way out of your situation? Wisdom should tell you that what has happened is past and you cannot go back to change the past. Instead of wallowing in pain and distress, spend your time thinking of an exit strategy. Ask yourself, what is the next best step to take? What can I do better to prevent a recurrence? How do I acclimatize to the new situation? How do I make the most of this experience? These questions can help you develop an exit strategy when you find yourself in some terrible situations.

I understand that it may not be totally easy for you to face a tragedy and automatically get out, it will take some time. The problem is when you allow your whole life to be crumbled because of a few events that cannot be reversed. Morn if you must, cry if you have to but most importantly, get your life back!

I hope you found this article useful? If you did, please be free to write a comment below and if you know people who may be in need of this, please share.

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