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De-Clutter Your Mind

Most people have some clutter in their home. Even the tidiest housekeeper might have drawers full of papers that should be thrown away, dishes and kitchenware that are shoved to the back of the cupboard and never used, tools that are piled up in the corner of the garage and other useless items that are being stored somewhere in the house just because they might be needed someday. Then there are people who get really carried away with clutter and fill up their entire house with items that they don't need, will never use and that eventually will rot and decay. I've cleaned some of those houses where you can't even navigate through them without tripping over something.

When your home is cluttered, you likely also have a cluttered mind and it is important to de-clutter your mind as well as your home. Just de-cluttering a home will not solve the problem and you will just end up back where you started from. A cluttered mind can result from being depressed, feeling worthless or unloved, not getting support, losing control, too much pressure or just feeling overwhelmed with life in general. When you feel bad about yourself and other people, your possessions start looking pretty good because you have control over them and can do whatever you want with them. Your 'stuff' gives you comfort and actually becomes part of you. This can lead to a problem of accumulating way too many things and creating piles of items that people hope will bring them happiness and joy. This is why it is so hard to convince some people to de-clutter their homes.

The truth is, clutter just causes more stress and creates a bigger problem that continues to grow. Accumulating 'stuff' will never bring lasting comfort or happiness into anyone's life. Clutter robs people of their finances, their peace and stops them from building any good relationships.

If you have trouble de-cluttering your home, it is time to start de-cluttering your mind. Reach out to any family members or friends who you can trust and ask them for help. Talk to your family doctor and ask him/her to connect you with some professionals who can help you get started on a journey to improve your emotional, mental and physical health. Don't stay stuck in the clutter. Take steps to move forward and start enjoying your life. Believe that you are special and you deserve it!