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Wearing My Wounds In My Smile

If we ask someone what should we do when we're in love, that someone will say to follow the heart. But if our heart is in pieces? What should we do? Which way should we go?

The moment you see the person you love you realize how hard it could be to listen to your heart. I've been there... It was tough... But I got to the point where I carry all my wounds in my smile. And they matured me.

"I got to the point where I carry all my wounds in my smile."
I know how it is to be unsettled. To don't know what to do... But I tell you that... "Stop! Look at the world! It's so beautiful!". I know how tough life can be... I understand how is it to be unsettled, uncertain... But you know why? What makes us to be like that? I think we look too much ahead, we want to anticipate the world but in our colors. We make screenplays which let us down, which destroys our reality. And we live through them.

We create our happiness only through dreams and desires. Our happiness is related to people. We love those "ideal men" from our minds, because we make them so. In our minds it's all real... And this destroys our reality. Makes us to forget who we are and who are the people we love.

We're blind viewers of a silent movie... Because we always anticipate life, we forget to live it. And this makes us insecure. Life is not always what we want, but it's beautiful. The beauty is in everything, even in tears, pain, suffering, hatred...

"We're blind viewers of a silent movie... "
If we could live as we dream, did we cope? This will makes us happy? If we get everything, did we have for what to fight? Life is the most beautiful gift. At least, even we have broken hearts, we can decide. Let's choose to be happy! To really feel the life.

All we can do is to toss heads or tails... No matter what part of the coin will fall, because when we throw it up we already know which side we wanted to fall. It's not worth to complicate our life. We have to live it like a child. To decide with heart, with no regrets and we must not put pride and vanity above happiness. And, most of all, we must love with heart.