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Getting Out of Your Own Way: The 3-Step Wardrobe Plan to Have Him Forget the Other Woman

Do you feel like your man isn't noticing you anymore? Do you walk by him in the living room and his eyes never stray from the video game, Walking Dead episode, or Lakers game? Are you worried that maybe some other woman is catching his eye? You need a plan to get out of your own way and back into his line of sight. In fact, you need a three-step wardrobe plan, and here is it. Just remember your ABCs.

A = Act like you did when you first started dating. When you first started dating, do you remember how much thought you gave to what you wore? Your hair was always done, and you always smelled amazing. You need to start doing the things that attracted him in the first place. You have to start wearing dresses and skirts again and spritzing on the perfume and body spray.

B = Be noticeable. Even though we are the most evolved animals on the planet, we are still animals. And animals are drawn to bright colors, shiny things, and movement. We can't help but notice these things. As for bright colors, see if he doesn't start paying attention if you walk past him in a bright yellow dress. In the animal kingdom, that is why certain species are colorful - to attract the opposite sex. Shiny things like metallic earrings and other jewelry will draw attention. And last is movement. The fabric of a dress or skirt moves when you walk, and dangling earrings sway. These are all things that will catch is eye.

C = Carry yourself with confidence. You are looking good, smelling good, and getting noticed. You need to now act like other people are noticing you as well. You need to get out more often and carry yourself with confidence as you sashay out the door so that he looks at you and asks, "Where are you going?" He's noticing you more, and he knows other people will be noticing you more. When he asks that question, you will know that you have him right where you want him, and he may even ask if he can come with you.

This simple three-step plan of the ABCs will have him all shook up and taking notice. You'll also like this new sense of power you feel over yourself and over your relationship. That other woman is no match for you, girl