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Caged Hassles & Imprisoned Fears

Our inner being is a sort of vessel, crammed with immense power to grapple with the stumbling blocks that come our way, while we walk through the boulevard called life. Each one of us bump into hurdles and that is the way life is. If you get everything you desire, where is the thrill of experiencing life in an intriguing manner?

Stress and anxiety are, indeed, a part and parcel of our existence. But, one should find out ways to revel in the lighter facet of one's lifetime, as the famous saying by Elbert Hubbard unfolds - "Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive."

Ever tried clutching a briefcase for long? After a couple of hours you will feel piercing pain in your arms. Same is the case with your stressful problems. If you latch on to them for too long, they will produce discomfort and incapacitate our being. Consequently, they will bring your other significant tasks to a halt.

Constant stress can deter your well-being. Therefore, without much ado, you need to settle on a solution to your tribulations, so that they don't immobilize you. Always remember, you can take pleasure in life only if you are relieved of your troubles, which lead to persistent stress and worries.

Mulling over the state of affairs, one becomes conscious of the fact that if one does not hold any feelings of pessimism, irritation, anger, antipathy, envy and wickedness towards any other person or thing, half of the problems are turned to dust. Instead, impregnate yourself with the warmth of love, friendliness, easiness, compassion, acceptance, patience and positivity; which will lead to boundless ecstasy and peace of mind.

Ever wondered why we are born on this planet, why some things are the way they are? What is the purpose of life? Such questions are best left unanswered because if we are distressed over such pre-ordained things, over which we cannot exercise our control, we shall be weighed down with worry, anguish and countless apprehensions. We won't, then, be able to witness a glimmer of contentment in our lives.

Every time you come across a stressful situation, always stop to consider the worst case scenario. If needed, be ready to accept the worst and while keeping your calm, try manifold ways improve it. What is more, feel no compunction over the times that have gone by and flake out the jitters of the times that are yet to pop in. Remember, half of the things that you fret over, do not even come to pass.

Try to brush off certain trivial things in life so that you can pour all your energy into more significant episodes of your daily grind. Put a stop to the practice of convincing others of your perspective, thereby expending your pot of energy needlessly. Listen and accept others' viewpoints. Explore the unknown facets of life, make efforts to accomplish what you desire and next, stop thinking about the end result. If you've done good, you'll receive good. Be open to all kinds of possibilities, since clinging to one will displease you, in case it doesn't occur.

So, bottle up your hassles and allay your fears. Moreover, remember to:

* Overcome your obstacles with a calm bent of mind
* Don't stick to a problem for too long.
* Try laughing at yourself
* Accept the inescapable
* Don't expect much from others
* Share your feelings, opinions, ideas with people
* Stay optimistic and cheerful
* Spend time with yourself
* Practice meditation
* Be thankful for what you have got