Manifestation miracle


BE the original YOU!

The well-stocked super markets, the restaurants, the movies and the promos through the vibrant technology, seem to be brainwashing most to do things that only help in accumulating. Later on, most realize that all that was an illusion and that accumulating more and more leads to chaos which could disturb our cosmos. Most seem to be in stress & strain running after a lifestyle as defined by the society rather than living a life as defined by life itself.


The earth takes in the rain and gives it up as water. The water is accumulated underground and then given up on searching and digging for it. The assimilation leads to accumulation.

Accumulation of thoughts and deeds are like a fruit ripening. The assimilation of nutrients leads to an accumulation that starts to overflow. The fruit ripens and is ready for harvesting.

Assimilation of positive things leads to positive results. Assimilation of the negative can lead to accumulation that is harmful like rain in old tyres becoming breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

Assimilate and evaluate before you accumulate to validate your accumulation.

Get out of the Illusion of living what the society wants to see - just BE the original YOU!


Imagine the bitter gourd competing with the cucumber just because they are vegetables. Or a pumpkin with watermelon because they are from similar looking creepers. Don't you think they will be dejected and rejected?

Our society seems to be obsessed with comparison, which makes them pretend to be somebody else. Are we trying to have more Steve Jobs who come out well in business or Aishwarya Rai who come out well on screen in whatever role they take? Where is the reality?

Be it Steve Jobs or Aishwarya Rai, they would like to be respected as themselves, not just for their roles. Unfortunately, we like to accomplish and possess, that which is promoted. Are then these things which produce the stress and the strain? We create tensions for ourselves uselessly in the battle to be the best, instead of bettering ourselves to be our best! Just be the Best YOU!


Mohammed Ali the boxer, won matches and got name and fame, as he believed that he was the greatest. He actually worked on this. When he got up, he read a banner on the ceiling, which read, "I am the Greatest".

After reading 10 to 20 times, which made him spring up from the bed instead of just getting up, he stood in front of the mirror on top of which was another banner "I am the Greatest!

Now every time he read it, it got multiplied by two, as there were two Mohammads - one self and the other the reflection. After this, his brushing of teeth was brisk rather than the usual lazy one, which made them to gleam.

After his bath, when he opened his closet, on both sides of his door were two photographs of his, above which was the statement - "I am the Greatest."

With such positive deposits, Mohammed was able to walk out of his house 'Feeling Great'. This feeling converted into 'Being Great' as this helped him to go ahead 'Doing things in a Great manner'.

If in our sleep, when we dream that we are falling from a mountain, our thinking so produces an action, which throws our hands and legs up into the air. Accordingly, if our thinking produces our action, our thinking has to be powerfully positive for powerful Punches and Impact in life!

Thus, when you strongly and positively start believing in yourself, and start working positively on those things, which support your soul oriented goal, your achievement is guaranteed. A bank honours a cheque only when the balance is positive thus, you crystalize your dreams only when your belief in yourself, that you can achieve is positive, when compared to your negative thoughts and the conditioning by the 'NO' sayers, who give all reasons why you will not be able to achieve.

You are born to win but conditioned to live like a loser. Conditioning, comparison and criticism have eaten into our confidence, commitment and the like. Simply accept and respect yourself, accept and be the original YOU - to celebrate life!&id=9394298