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The Three Fundamental Factors

The goal of this article is to make you think of your surroundings. What surroundings I am referring to? I am talking about Friends, Family and Media. Stay till the end to expand your awareness about these three fundamental factors. All people want to improve their lives but they are stuck in the same habits.

1) They have friends that they don't challenge them at any level

2) They are massively stimulated by television and mainstream reality shows.

3) They continuously blame their family about their negative results.

Let's look a little deeper in the essential part of those three fundamental categories.


The first and foremost aspect of your success in any field, is the people you are hanging out with, your friends. We are the average of the six people who surround us. I am sure you can understand the magnitude of this statement. How many friends of yours help you align with your goals?

The basic characteristic you need is honesty. People who can be straightforward with you,, who speak without filters, when the time comes to ask for their opinion about a current situation you face. Let me point out that the honesty principle is a two way street. It's irrational to want from your friends to express themselves freely but simultaneously your ego gets heart every time they point out your vulnerabilities. The rest of the traits you are looking for is personal and suited to your needs and wants.

Someone might say "Does that mean that I have to abandon my old friends who don't help me achieve success?"

The answer is twofold. First of all, lets not be paranoid. You don't want all of your friends to challenge you every second and push you to become better. You also need friends whom you just have FUN with. It's extremely healthy and awesome. On the other hand, in many occasions there are signs you neglect. Friends that not only don't help you improve but drag you away from your goals. As always is your choice whether to keep them or not.


Media is my favorite, because is completely manageable. Media can lift you higher and simultaneously have the means and persuasion skills to convince you to buy things you don't need to impress people you don't care about.. The effect that they have on you depends on you as well. You make decisions on a daily basis about your exposure to them. In order to avoid a possible misunderstanding, with the word "media" I am not only talking about television. I also include Facebook, Instagram, subscription to e-mail lists like the one you are right now, YouTube etc. Do they help you acquire knowledge and move forward in life?


This one is the toughest... I can only speak objectively because my parents are extremely supportive and easy to talk to. You can't choose your family. (By the way there is a reincarnation ideology, which supports that we are souls passing through bodies and before we been born we choose our parents. I know... I can't believe it either, I just wanted to share it with you). What you can do if you can't choose your family? Well you can lead them by example. Most people choose the verbal way. Though it is efficient it is not enough. For example, most of us are not congruent with our family, we want to be understood by our parents but if someone asks us about their worries we can't answer specifically. We make assumptions and start to build anger from a numerous insubstantial hypotheses. We neglect just to shut up and listen!

I am getting off topic... My main question is "Does your family in general, motivate and support you to become a better version of yourself?"

What I want you to do is grade these three factors, in a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being "brilliant".

Friends (your answer) / 10

Media (your answer) / 10

Family (your answer) / 10