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When Does The Law Of Attraction Not Work?

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Are you applying the law of attraction correctly? You desire to manifest the things you want in your life, but something seems to be missing. There's a lot more to applying this law, if you want it to actually work in your favor.

You may be believe, "If I can have, be or do anything I desire, then why can't I experience the outcome I want?" This is a common aggravation with many people who are brand-new to this concept.

The discomfort of failing again and again when trying to apply the law, can trigger anybody to say it doesn't work, and just give up. Several years ago when I discovered the law of attraction, I went through the very same disappointments until I discovered what is at the heart of the secret to manifesting greater results.

The secret to manifesting anything you desire using this universal law is the energy behind your objective and your ideas. There is a specific quality of energy in your thoughts. There is also a particular quality of energy in your environment. Every degree of energy influences your ability to manifest differently.

Most people who learn of the law of attraction believe that it's all about their thoughts, not realizing that the energy of their thoughts and their environment, has a major effect on their results.

The more sensitive you become to the tenor of energy within you, in addition to your environment. the simpler it ends up being to align yourself with the energy of what you want to manifest in your life.

In short, you cannot manifest what you desire if your energy is not in alignment with that which you want.

This law is an art that should be fully comprehended at its very core. Learn to be still and ask yourself, "How am I feeling at this moment?" You may be thinking of exactly what you want, but you may be emotionally out of alignment with what you want.

If you are focusing on what you want, and feeling good, then you are in alignment with what you want. If however, you are experiencing negative emotions, you are out of alignment with what you want. To better understand this concept, it is recommended to watch the movie "The Secret", and pay particular attention to the section by Abraham-Hicks on the Emotional Guidance System.

As you become aware of the tone of your personal energy you can slowly learn to increase your energy to become a magnet for exactly what you desire. When you do, the law of attraction becomes an unbelievable tool to manifest exactly what you want.