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Imaging And Personal Power

The ultimate personal power is imaging your goal at a deep mental level, and letting the power loose. Other than that, all else is just spinning "your physical wheels". Meditation, hypnosis, self-hypnosis, goal oriented art like vision boards are all part of it. But, if you do not have a definite goal in your mind you want to achieve, you really are just spinning your physical wheels in a shallow way.

If you genuinely want to get anywhere, you must do what counts. You must take direct and powerful deep action. You must get down to the grits and sweat of where the power is, and it is where you least expect it. It is a reserve deep within yourself, your mind, your spirit, your personal genesis. What I mean by your personal genesis is what you really do want at the deepest level. Not just desires like money, home or whatever, but your deepest goals in your heart, soul and spirit.

I can only give this advice: Persist in your visualization and do not care if it goes to plan, as long as you make the goal you want to achieve genuinely. Only the most genuine of losers want things to go too closely to plan and quit when they do not, anyway. Remember what I wrote above about "spinning your physical wheels in a shallow way". After all, too much effort is worse than none at all at times because it is like burning out a motor in neutral with full gas applied, if you get what I mean. Meditation for the sake of meditation without a genuine goal, spiritual, physical or otherwise is like this. Why do you think so many in meditation get that powerful understanding that a goal is needed after meditating like this for many years in neutral until they realize the reality of the situation anyway?

Look, some will understand, some will not. Indeed, though, consider this, meditation without a goal of any sort except to blank the mind will just be that, a blank slate without any achievement. Personal power comes through a genuine goal and objective however you look at it. That is the reality of the situation, even God and existence have a goal: The creation of the Universe, and that is always active, do you see my point to the extreme, now. On the other hand, the devil or Satan does not have a genuine goal except to bring everything down, destroy and steal personal power. Get it? So, start by imaging your genuine goal, and persist in it as God persists in creating the universe and existence and you will achieve. Actually, you cannot help but achieve if you really want the goal because persistence is power when done right, persistence is neutral lethargy when done wrong. This article and myself, your writer encourage the right use of persistence and that wraps up this article on imaging and personal power neatly.