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The Law of Attraction - Why Can't I See It?

In the beginning I just went with it, and did all the affirmations, and intention setting stuff. I wrote my 'wish lists' and 'bucket lists' by the hundreds, and had all my yellow 'post-it' stickers around the house telling me I was 'Beautiful', or 'Rich' or 'Prosperous'. In fact, according to all the stickers, if you put them all together, I was probably the most perfect human being on the planet!

But even with all of this, and all the visualising and meditating, I felt like I'd spent years without really "GETTING IT"!

Oh, I'd find the perfect car park when I wanted it, or a situation would unfold 'just as I'd imagined it'. But I still didn't think I'd totally got it!

I went back, and started reviewing this whole 'Law of Attraction' thing, and realized I'd never really appreciated the most important step. The last one. Step 3.

You have to be clear on what you want (check); You have to 'put it out there' (check) and you have to give it up to God/The Universe/The Divine/The Almighty/ {put your understanding here} and wait for it to happen (UNCHECKED!!).

I was great at doing the first two, but then got impatient waiting for the last one. I'd give up and doubt the process. I'd get impatient and decide it wasn't happening. This is the part I was most active in, and this is what was sabotaging my first two steps!

On a scale of 1 to 10, how much did I do the first two steps? Always and absolute 10!

On a scale of -1 to -10, how much did I do the last step? Always a -10!

Add the two sums together and the answer was a massive big, fat 0! The realization hit me like a sledge-hammer. I was cancelling out any positive 'vibes' working towards manifesting my intentions with the doubts and impatience in my third step! I realised I was constantly looking for 'proof' that the Law of Attraction was working, and in doing so, this sent out the message that I doubted it worked, which is what I consistently got back in return.

So now I do steps one and two, and then spend most of my time sitting back and enjoying step three. I've shifted my mindset to accepting that "when the time is right" I will get what I've intended (or better), in the same way that night follows day, which follows night.

Detaching from the outcome - That's the missing link!