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The Inner And Outer Worlds Of People

Some people are driven from within, and other people are pushed from without, too many others. The people really, that are driven from within are usually the winners, while those motivated purely by outer things are usually the losers. Sure, luck, fortune and all of that may figure into the variance in results, do not get me wrong, but those driven from within have the automatic advantage. Indeed, to be motivated from within yourself is the greatest thing in the world, for you have the power plant from within to go on, even if you do temporarily fail sometimes. Those motivated from without purely have to depend on luck and fortune to get them through, for perseverance is not in them.

Think about these realities for a moment. To be driven from within is the greatest thing in existence, then. Otherwise, you are like a kid expecting a candy reward for everything done right and nothing is there to "reward you".

So, I get it if you do not yet, the genuine reward has to be made from within yourself. Now, I am not saying that life is as bad as politics, or as amoral as a winning game of poker, or as automatically moral as business can get at its best, but, I am saying that real motivation has to come from within or it is not there at all. After all, the outer world without inner motivation is a cold place to be, do and have anything, anyhow.

Think right now, those who are psychologically oriented about the "locus of control theory". Those who have an internal locus of control get their motivation from within, it is that simple. Those who have an external locus of control are like the dogs of Pavlov salivating at a bell or more in a more polite way: They are motivated by seeming rewards outside of themselves. Think about that for a moment. When the power plant is inside of you, you own the power. When the power plant is a battery outside of you, you had better develop some strength from within. Some of the best things, opportunities and realities in life are missed because the reality of internal motivation is missed. Without power from within yourself, you are nowhere but giving your power away. When you can motivate yourself whatever happens, that is when you start owning the power, impetus and opportunity.