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When and Why Crying Can Help You Cope

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Have you ever felt bombarded with life's knock downs month after month? If yes, how did you deal with them? This article shows you what to do when you are in the middle of such a crisis.

Little babies are unable to talk or walk. By crying out loud they demand food and attention. In a similar way, when you are out of your wits dealing with life's multi-dimensional knock downs, the easiest thing you can do is to break down and cry. Cry as much as you want until all your pent-up emotions like anger, pain, stress and disappointments are drained out. It is healthy to cry. Once you are done with it, you feel lighter and find it easier to cope with your life's situation.

Here are a few scenarios when crying will definitely aid you:

1) Demise of someone you love

Say, a close family member passed away. There's no way you can have him/her back. The easiest way to beat this crisis is to cry voluminously. After you are done, your heart and mind will both be at ease. Gradually you will start figuring out the next steps of your life and take my word: You will thrive. Definitely.

2) You have been laid off

Sure, you put a lot of effort into your work but your company has begun to downsize its employees and you are one of them. Don't lose heart but have a good cry privately. Come on that's not the end of the world! You have a whole lot of other companies out there who would recruit you happily for your lovely experiences and expertise.

3) Your spouse is hinting for a divorce

Go with the flow. Let your spouse file a divorce. You can't force anything nor can you change his mind if he is adamant about it. Give him space. Go through the process and face it. Remember to cry secretly to release your suppressed emotions. You will be OK and start to feel better soon.

4) Someone hurt your feelings

Actually no one can hurt you unless otherwise how you perceive what someone said to you. If it's hurting you too badly, excuse yourself and have a good, private cry. You will regain strength after that. You will be vibrant and full of vigor just because you allowed yourself to discharge your emotions.

5) Watching/Reading Sad Movies/Books

As you watch/read a sad movie/book, you don't seem to help crying. Don't suppress it. Let it run while you gain the insights of the movie/book. The producer/author must be very skilled to let you step into their drama and make you get entangled with it. Nevertheless when you feel like crying, do cry. That's what makes the experience more enlivening and worthy.

Summing up, the above are some of the cases where I really encourage you to cry in order to cope with the situation on hand. It shouldn't be too hard. Take it easy and have a good cry. Life will definitely fall together because life is apt to change.