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Message From the Universe: The Theory of Everything

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"Sometimes, I laugh so hard, it starts a hurricane in the heavens.

Sometimes, I grin so wide, it causes earthquakes on distant planets.

And sometimes, when I feel so happy I could float, worlds are born, continents rise, and oceans surge.

But never, ever, ever, do I lay so much as a finger on planet Earth. Because there, my work is long over, and yours has just begun.

Ho, Ho, Ho! 
The Universe"

Our Universe is constantly expanding. From SuperNovas to Neutron stars, from dark energy pushing galaxies away from each other to a possible theory that parallel universe do exist, there is never an end to what we see happening around us or above. The Big Bang triggered that vast expansion, from a point of singularity to what we see today. Now, is it still a theory about the exact age of our Universe or scientists have come up with an accurate method to understand how everything works and were able to find a correlation between the Theory of general relativity and quantum mechanics? Stephen Hawking is known to be one of the top mind (or maybe THE ONE) of our century to figure out how that "Theory of everything" can be the Universal theory and come up with an answer that all scientists have been looking for in decades and allow us to understand OUR universe as we see it today.

Obviously, theories are just theories. What can't be observable remains to be just an idea of how things can happen based on calculations or existential probabilities from the theorist. We all make decisions on a daily basis that will allow us to be a better or worst person. Decisions are really theories, based on common sense that allows you to take the best route that will render the best results for you. Since decisions couldn't be observable prior to making them, you create a theory based on facts that are presented to you at that specific moment. If you see this, then that would be the best option without observable results. The result can go either way. It is not a definite answer that your subconscious mind can anticipate or predict. You base your decision on what you know is best for you at that specific moment in time, regardless whatever your mind can anticipate. The same goes with your thoughts. You create your thoughts, either positive or negative in nature because of what you are experiencing at that specific moment. If the experience is bad, your thought process will be negative in nature and you will anticipate negative results that wouldn't exist anyways because of your experience. On the other hand, when good things happen to you, your thoughts will be positive in nature and you will, again, anticipate positive outcomes even though they didn't happen yet. Keep being positive is crucial, regardless of its outcome. More positive thoughts comes into your mind, more upbeat and energetic you will be. You have that control and you can decide how you see your life. Just go with what you believe in and not let anyone deter you from your dreams. This is your life, live it the best way you can.