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Are You Designing Your Life Or Simply Reacting To It?

Living by merely reacting to everything that occurs around you could be thought of as "living by default" or "living on luck." Living a life of reaction is difficult and dissatisfying. Individuals who choose to live this way only have access to random events. They're mainly driven by discomfort and avoid producing their own opportunities.

On the other hand, developing, or creating, your life is more assertive, gratifying, and controllable!

Think about these concepts to create your life instead of just reacting or responding to it:

1. You'll understand you're responding if the quality of your life varies in between bad and tolerable. This is the dead giveaway of responding.

You'll jump into action when your comfort falls below a particular standard. You'll strive to bring it back up to a bearable status. Then you'll relax again, just taking further action when the circumstance ends up being alarming once again.

2. Failing to select a direction for your life is choosing to fail. Without a selected endpoint, there is no objective. Without an objective, you'll get whatever just happens to come your way. People with wonderful lives didn't arrive at that point on accident. Be brave enough to pick a course and stick with it.

3. Discover the power of visualization. Visualization is powerful on numerous levels:

Visualization forces you to identify what you want. You should decide before you picture anything.

Visualization keeps your target objective fresh in your mind. It works as a reminder of what is essential to you. This reminder will assist you in identifying circumstances and opportunities related to your objective when they present themselves.

Visualization makes your objective believable. Imagining success over and over trains your brain to think that it's possible. You just need to spend 5 minutes each day visualizing your desired outcome. Everyone has 5 minutes to spare.

4. Know the distinction between action and reaction. With action, you're approaching a selected truth. When you're reacting, you're being stimulated by the existing truth. Reaction looks to bring the circumstance back to "normal". Action is taken with the objective of producing a new reality.

5. Exactly what could be more fulfilling than producing a life that influences and thrills you? Reacting to life consists of resolving one problem after another. Who wants to invest in their life doing little more than dealing with unneeded difficulties or passively waiting for the next issue to appear? Living in this manner welcomes tension and unpredictability. Produce the life you desire instead!

6. It won't happen automatically. There's been excessive focus lately on the concept of enabling the universe to provide the results you want while you wait patiently on the sofa. Perhaps you know somebody who woke up one morning to a brand new Porsche in their driveway, but it's highly unlikely.

When you're clear on what you desire, you'll have the opportunity to take inspired action to obtain it. You'll notice opportunities to be successful and take advantage of them.

7. Respond to obstacles with purpose rather than automatically reacting to them. Instead of just responding to the issue at hand, avoid future reoccurrences. Most of the difficulties you have today are the same ones you have actually been dealing with many times in the past. Weigh your options so you can prevent the same issues from happening in the future. Making the same mistake consistently is foolish and unnecessary.

Choose today to pick the kind of life you wish to enjoy. Remind yourself of your choice by picturing it routinely. Benefit from the opportunities that you discover. Prevent living by default and develop the life you prefer and should have!