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Message From the Universe: Human Relationships at Its Best

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"In all matters of human relationships, the very best defence, in part, includes no offence.

In part, 
The Universe"

It is not uncommon to see many couple fighting over irrelevant issues that allows both parties to stand ground and let their ego take over the arguments. It can be related to mental insecurities because of a previous relationship and the present argument triggered these feelings. We all have to choose our battles and focus on what is really important to argue about. It is totally normal not to see eye to eye on EVERYTHING, and we all have our own ways of doing things that might not be in sync with your significant other OR your business partner. No need to be alarmed at all. It would actually be very concerning if you do agree on EVERYTHING. This is when something is definitely wrong. Communication is key and should be paramount to make things flow progressively. When something is felt at a specific moment in time, holding it in will ONLY aggravate the matter and in many cases, can augment to a point when the individual's behavior is so erratic that it can require asylum assistance. Never let it go to that point. Express yourself but not when angry and emotionally drained. Both parties have to step back for a little while, let yourself calm down and only then, approach each other in a very civilized and serene way to address the problem. Remember that the other person doesn't know how you are feeling if you do not communicate it well so it is not fair to dump everything you feel on that person.

All humans, or I should say, MOST humans have feelings and their erratic behavior is not there to punish the other person. We all express ourselves differently and it is important to understand the other person and empathize with how they feel. Never judge or justify why they feel a certain way. As long as you listen and carefully analyze each words without interruption, I am sure you can both arrive to a productive conclusion and allow each other to grow closer and happier. When you choose to be with that person, you choose them the way they are, and NOT the way you wish them to be. If you can learn to accept them as a whole, you will suddenly see the relationship differently and start opening your eyes to address arguments more efficiently. We are constantly learning about new ways to communicate, either using technology or face to face. Research on human behavior will NEVER end, and that is because humans adapt to their environment and their mental state have to change to properly function in society. Humans are NOT website templates, or plug and play like hardware in computer. There is a lot of customization to be done and understanding that part will allow you to create new plug-ins (just like WordPress) and study them carefully so you can create the ideal situation that works for both of you. So by understanding my analogy, humans need acceptance and by allowing self expression and proper communication, we will be able to take a step forward to peace and serenity on our Planet.